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Aperture Finix
Welcome to the Enrichment Center.
Here in the Aperture Science of the Finix Reality (AKA Aperture Finix) we want to give you the best experiences testing science with the Dual Portal Device.
Begin the test whenever you want, but be careful, there is a lot of dangers in these chambers, and your insurance don't cover any of them.
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Aperture Finix 00
Created by Finikksu
Hello. And again thank you for participating in the tests to see the unlimited uses of the Dual Portal Device.
But remember, you're now in chambers designed by the Aperture Science of the Finix Reality A.K.A Aperture Finix.
Good luck. And enjoy doing scie...
Aperture Finix 01
Created by Finikksu
Welcome to the Turret's Cave
Be careful. Here nobody will help you... but maybe somecube will....
Aperture Finix 02
Created by Finikksu
It burns.
Lasers are really dangerous, but you will need to find a way through them....
Aperture Finix 03
Created by Finikksu
There are so many ways to die. Why don't use them togheter?
Survive, and the hidden exit will be shown....