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Portal 2

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Think outside of the box
Think outside of the box to solve this testchamber.

v1.0: Initial release
- removed unnecessary elements that could potentially confuse the player
- fixed the newly added catcher which was ment to make it easier, but now made it so you can...
Dare to cross the room
Puzzle level that dares you to cross the room. Please note that this level doesn't require high reflexes.

There's a puzzle idea behind it.

v1.0: initial release
- Added light to areas that required it. (tnx derula)
- Reuploaded beca...
The Box
Can you escape the box?

If you are stuck, here's a hint: try every button you can reach, and see what it does (including buttons you tried before/used)

v1.0: initial release
- Changed mechanics used for better gaming experience
- Changed ...
And it seems so easy...
This map looks easy, but looks can be deceiving.

TIP: F6 is quicksave, F7 is quickload. You probably won't need F7, as your state gets loaded when you die, which is useful for the jump puzzle (not flinging)

Warning: This map contains a brain breaking...
The entire idea behind this puzzle is that the obvious solution is a deception. The real solution is right in front of you. Can you see it?

- v1.0: Initial release
- v1.1: Changed the faithplates to prevent unintended solution. -tnx toncica

Triple Jump (hard map)
Can you (ab)use momentum to solve this puzzle?

This map will train your jumping skills. At first its really hard, but once you get it, it becomes easier.

HINT: Use F6 frequently, otherwise the fun will be over really soon....
Triple Jump 2 (hard map)
Can you (ab)use momentum to make these hard jumps? If you can, this test will certainly boost your jumping skills.

Some hints, as this chamber is hard enough already:
-Do the middle chamber first, then right, then left. This is the order of difficulty fr...
The impossible jump
Hi, this is Cave Johnson here. Today we're testing the impossible jump. It isn't really impossible, but we made it look like its impossible. So its impossible to you while it may not be impossible to you in the future after you found out its not really imp...
Dual laser madness
Hi, this is Cave Johnson here.

We are designing a new laser lock for our secure facility. We need you to crack the lock to see if its possible. You're the best, so if you cannot crack this code, we certainly know that no one else can.

Good luck, and reme...
Pinball shot
This simple puzzle showcases how you can make a simple puzzle chamber still look very nice.

An advanced version is available here: Pinball Shot (advanced) which uses the same puz...
Pinball shot (advanced)
This simple puzzle showcases how you can make a simple puzzle chamber still look very nice.

This is the advanced version, and is harder. Try the normal version first if you want to play an easier version.

You can find the original version here: [url=http...
Gel testing [ninja map]
This is just a simple mechanic that'll test your ninja skills. Can you get across?

On positive feedback, I'll extend the map....
Slingshot (hard map)
This is a hard map entirely around momentum and flinging. There is a small puzzle aspect present but its mostly about flinging and momentum.

If you do not want to play a hard map, this map is not for you. Difficulty is estimated at medium/hard.

Enjoy and...
Can you do it again, 01
This is the first of the series "Can you do it again?"

You are presented with a puzzle. Once you solve it, a path opens to a button. That button resets the puzzle and makes some changes. Can you do it again?

v1.0: Initial release
- Adde...
Can you do it again, 02
This is the second of the series "Can you do it again?"

You are presented with a puzzle. Once you solve it, a path opens to a button. That button resets the puzzle and makes some changes. Can you do it again?

v1.0: Initial release
The Mountain
Hi there, testsubject.

We've build a mountain to test your climbing skills. Who knows, you might have to climb one someday, and we need to see if you can.

If you think you are very good at it, maybe you can find the easter egg we lost from last easter....
Its not as easy as it seems.
When you look around in the map, things seem easy. But easy looking does not necessarily means that the puzzle is easy too.
Here are a series of cubes. Can you find out what links them together in order to solve the path to the exit?

Note: this is a medium sized puzzle. It may take you a bit to complete it. Difficulty should be around medium though.

v1.0: Initial r...
Black and white, despite
In this puzzle, you'll have to literally create your way throughout the puzzle. Each advancement brings new problems.

I estimate the difficulty medium/hard based on that it can be really hard to see where to go next.

I know what to do, and it still t...
Race or die
In this map, you'll have to race. Its not just a matter of going forward. You'll actually have to figure out which direction you need to go.

If that's not already enough, then the turrets will remind you that standing still is not really a good idea.

You are in a symmetrical room. Find out how each island is connected to the whole to find the exit.

I used BEEMOD 2.2a for this level. The only flaw from this, is that GLaDOS will talk to you when placing a sphere on a spherebutton even while I instructed...
Oh no, its a trap.
GLaDOS has provided you with a puzzle to solve, but at the same time she's trying to develop her sense of humour, by playing practical jokes on you.

As she is not yet good in her humour, she keeps pulling the same practical joke on you. Can you outsmart h...
This puzzle is one big puzzle divided into 4 sub puzzles. 1 divided by 4 is 0.25.

Each section activates one or more items in the next puzzle and at the same time deactivates the current puzzle where possible to give a sense of accomplishment.

Even thoug...
5 Cubic Square
In a setting of 5x5x5 you get a compact puzzle. Can you figure out what to do in order to exit?

The puzzle itself is not that difficult. Difficulty is estimated to be about Easy (3/10)

Note: This puzzle can be solved in various ways. Don't think you ...
Access Granted
You're sent through one of the remaining puzzles before Aperture Science was abandoned. Although the puzzle is in a decayed state, everything should still work. Unfortunately, the normal route is inaccessible so you really have to go through this map to fi...
For this test the job is simple. Make both lasers hit their destination and bring the cubes to the exit.

Sounds simple doesn't it? Good luck. Also, the first room is just the introduction to get the concept. Otherwise the real puzzle is possibly too hard....
Cave Johnson has invited you to one of his offices. He recently installed a new security grid in the hall to the labs and he asked if you can test it.

"It should not be possible to break into my office, but if you do, steal something and present it to me...
Cube exchange
This is a small and simple puzzle with medium difficulty. (If you haven't seen this before, it can be challenging up to medium difficulty).

The puzzle is self-explainatory. Good luck, and have fun....
I'd like to come along, said the cube...
The cube wants to come along. Can you facilitate that? Just set him free from his cage and he'll open some doors for you in return.

You help him, he'll help you. :)

v1.0: Initial release
v1.1: Small changes to increase visibility
v1.2: Added s...
Maze without a maze
This puzzle was made for the P2LC competition: "Double Transport".

You're being trapped in a maze, but it isn't really a maze. Use logic to find the route to take and get to the exit.

Due to the rules for the competition, the map may be a bit hard to fig...
Route of the painter
Your job today is to be the painter. Let your artistic needs flow and go to your client.

v1.0: Initial release
v1.1: Prevented being able to finish the map without using all gels.
v2.0: Added a puzzle element to the last part.
v2.1: Fixed possi...
Symmetrical disalignment
Your job is to get to the exit. Your tool of choice is white paint. Use it to solve the puzzles and get to the exit....
The abandoned office
You're asked to go to the next Test Chamber, but in order to get there, you'll have to traverse through an old abandoned office building.

Due to it being abandoned, most doors are closed and only a few can be opened by solving a small puzzle. You'll need ...
The bath tub
GLaDOS has created a puzzle for you in this over-sized bath tub. Can you solve it?

v1.0: Initial release
v1.1: Added grating to prevent taking cubes past fizzlers.
v1.2: Rearranged antlines for better visual appeal....
The Cube Escort
In order to beat this test, you have to arrange escort for the cube. Can you do it?

Estimated difficulty for this test is Medium (5/10)

NOTE: the red glass' function is to block the laser. You can still shoot a laser under it though, if you put the cube ...
The luxurious chamber
You've found a secret chamber that is used to test the subjects with wealthy parents. When GLaDOS finds out, she makes you test one of the chambers with an increased difficulty, which normally is used to silence the test subjects that think they're the sma...
The Waste Storage Facility
Somehow this name suited most. Find your way to the exit and solve some puzzles along the way. It all takes place in some waste storage facility.

If you want to see the powercenter of the plant, find yourself the easteregg for some cool effect.

Too much white
This is an entirely white room. Only one pool of goo to prevent portal bumping. Can you figure out how to exit?

Difficulty about 4,5/10. Maybe 5/10...
There's a tractor beam in this 2-stage puzzle. Complete both stages and you may leave this chamber.

Difficulty should be easy (about 4/10).

-v1.0: Initial release
-v1.1: Changed the first puzzle to prevent an unintended solution
-v1.2: Made th...
Triple sandwiched room
You are send to the excercise room. Your job is to carefully manouvre the parcour in order to retreive the cube.

Once done, figure out how to exit without dying.

Given that I still want you to have fun, there are 10 savepoints which should make any mista...
Unstable portals
GLaDOS decided to test your abilities even further. She's given you a portalgun for this test, but she altered the gun to make portals unstable. They will only allow someone or something to pass through once before one side collapses.

Good luck solving th...
This puzzle was made for the P2LC competition: "Yay, I'm alive". The idea is to present a puzzle where the player cannot die. I went a step further and made sure there are no ninja actions required, so it turns into a proper Zen puzzle.

Hench the name Ze...
[concept] invisible acceleration
This is just a test to play with invisible acceleration....
[concept] Invisible accelleration II
This is another concept map for the invisible accelleration mechanic. I wanted to build a more solid puzzle but I ran into a few problems. One seem that if I create too many gateways, they will not be connected anymore. I have to look into this. I know I c...
Beware: turrets!
This was made for the Bi-weekly 027: Turrets competition to have at least one map to vote for. I went for a small challenge. Its not too difficult, but not too easy either.

Due to it being made in only an hour or so (I just didn't had the inspiration to m...
Dual Laser Madness 2
This is the sequel to Dual Laser Madness. Somewhat same concept, different puzzle.

This map is quite a lot bigger than the first one though. Estimated playtime, 20 minutes or more depending on your skill. Less if you know the solution or are really really...
Find the 4 cubes and bring them to the exit area to leave the level.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, its not an easy map, but its not really a hard map either. I estimate the difficulty around Medium (5/10) which is slightly above Valve Difficulty.

I ho...
Can you cross the water without dying? I bet you can. Can you also do so in order to exit the level?
Possibly. Good luck in your attempt. :)

[Update history]
-v1.0: Initial Release
-v1.1: Bug Fix release
* Added glas window to prevent fling that completel...
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