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Another day on the Job: Vertigo

We have a special test for you today.

We know how much your legs hurt after that malfunction in the padded boots, so we are going to rest your weary legs in our secret laboratory at ______________. I'm kidding. About the resting of your legs, that is. Not the secret laboratory though as far as you're concerned I was kidding about that too.

The people who appear in your room with a blindfold and knock-out gas are also kidding, in the same sense.

This is where we test out production lines, but for once we've decided to throw a live human on there and see what happens. You will be sent into a vertical shaft, which will take you to the first part of the plant.

Just to make it more exciting, we've thrown a few turrets in there, just to keep you on your toes.

Good luck!
Regards, ________________