Portal 2

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Testing Test Stuff

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Testing Test Stuff

This is a test to test what this test maker can do.
It's really easy, and fun. (The editor not this chamber) It is too bad some stuff did not make it in, hopefully they will add more later.
I was not able to put in all the things I wanted to in this first test because I hit the max object limit, which is sad but probably a good thing cuz I would make a 4 hour chamber if I could. :D
Tho I just wish it was a bit more. o well for now
This Chamber has 3 rooms testing what, how much, and how stuff can work. It is a, what im going to call, "physical" chamber. The Puzzles are easy but the other parts not so much.
You don't use portals in this test.
This chamber could be very hard and very frustrating, so warning.
!!!If you die you start over!!!