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RubyCarbuncle's Test Chambers For Science!
Here are all of the test chambers I have created so far. Whether it was made in Hammer or Portal 2 itself all of my creations will be in here. Keep a close eye on this, because I will edit the amount of chambers often. ;)
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The Faster You Go
My first test in this editor. I'm more used to Hammer. :P

Edited to make the ending a bit more "interesting."

EDIT: Fixed a point where you could skip a part of the chamber at the end. Fixed where the player could trap themself at the end .Thanks to andy...
A Speedy Solution
My second map made with the editor. It's not entirely difficult, but it does require you think about your next move at times.

Please leave any comment, complaints or bugs in the comment section below, and by all means enjoy the map! :)...
Fizzle Bridges of Faith
My third chamber made with the editor.

A Bridge
Faith Plates
Buttons and Switches.

EDIT: The test subject could trap themselves. This was bad so I fixed that with an added hallway. \o/

If you liked this map be sure to check ...
Bouncin' Around
My fourth map made in the editor.

Repulsion Gel
Ariel Faith Plates
Cleansing Gel (Water :P)
and of course, Buttons and Switches

EDIT: Made it impossible to get into the AFP room without the first cube. Thanks to Stric_Matic for finding that bu...
Fizzle Your Way Out of This One
Sometimes the best way to get something out of reach is to create a new one.

Don't forget to rate and comment. :)...
Catch That Cube
A simple map that I thought up of. Involves Excursion Funnels and using them to catch cubes.

If you like this map please be sure to go check out all the other maps I posted! :)...
Where It All Began
This is the absolute first Portal 2 map I have ever released. I had to make some significant edits in order to make it ready for the Workshop. This map was made in the Alien Swarm SDK before the Portal 2 Authoring Tools had ever been released.

This was...
RubyCarbuncle's Second Test Chamber
My second ever test chamber. Made in Hammer, take your time to look around the room and figure out what goes where.

TWP Description:

A new Single Player Map in the "Clean Aperture" Style. This is my first attempt at this style so any constructive cri...
RubyCarbuncle's Test Chamber 2 (Advanced)
Pretty much the same chamber as before, but with added turrets. Basically it's one move and your dead unless you take your time to think about your next move.

I didn't upload this to begin with because people on TWP didn't like the turrets. I recommend ...
Blue Walls
OK so yeah the name may not be all that great, but it's based off the fact that this test revolves around the Hardlight bridges as shield walls. This Test Chamber is in the Overgrown style.

The player has one Portal at the start and uses Momentum for th...
Converting Propulsion
A simple map made in the Wheatley style.

I really like the Conversion Gel test element and I wanted to build a chamber that was able to use it without breaking it too much. This test chamber came out pretty well. The Conversion Gel can't be used to bre...
One Week Creation
This was made in Hammer, back when it took about a week just to set all this up, detail it and sort out any bugs that the chamber may have had.

On a chamber related note, avoid those red Emancipation Grills. They will kill you.

TWP Description:
I ha...
Secondary Fire: Flings
The video is out of date, however the test remains the exact same. Watching the video if you need it, not that this is a hard map, anyway, will still benefit you.

The first (released map) of a set of maps I call "Secondary Fire". The reason for it bein...
Secondary Fire: Speed
In this map the player only has the ability to use the Orange Portal.

This is the second installment of my Secondary Fire maps. This test chamber revolves around Propulsion Gel.

UPDATE 7/8/2015:

-Moved Faith Plate in the first chamber to t...
Secondary Fire: Patience (OLD)
A newer version of this chamber was added to the map, "Secondary Fire: Enough Rest..." however for the sake of keeping all my past work in a portfolio of sorts, I'm keeping this uploaded to the workshop, just not in the "Secondary Fire" collection.

You ...
Secondary Fire: Something Old...
Hey, long time no see, huh? Anyway, I found this chamber just sitting there, almost completely finished on my computer, so I decided to patch it up, get it working, and finally release it.

This map is meant to be the fourth installment in my "Secondary...
Secondary Fire: Enough Rest...
Get up. Enough rest, we need to begin testing.

This is a map that requires the player to only use the Secondary Fire of their Portal Device. Nothing more, nothing less. This chamber has two custom Field elements, both of which had their textures create...
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