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Invisible, Inc.

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May 12, 2016 @ 8:43am
Oct 27 @ 2:08pm
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Agent Mods Combo

Compilation of my mods (by request).
Extra agents:
Dr.Pedler, Mist, Ghuff, N-Umi

+ archived portraits, guard portraits fix, and lone start mod.
+ several new rooms (mostly enter/exit rooms, different walls amount around nanofabs etc)

+ several cross-banters with other agents for Pedler and Mist written by Caischcer
+ several cross-banters with other agents for Draco and Rush written by Datapuncher and WMGreywind
+ several cross-banters between Central and Monster written by Salaam

Instant grenades not included, because it's a base game change, so I think it's better to be separated:
Overlays for agent mods not included too, those too inconvenient to include as default on/off, use separated mod, please -- those could be useful for new players, big screens, maybe for twitch/youtube records etc:

This mod will get updates and fixes first and already contained some minor things not included into separated mods. Like fix for FTM grenadier's "helmet from nowhere".

To install:
subscribe to mod, start game, options/gameplay - "refresh mods" button. Now press "accept", quit game and at next application start mod will be downloaded and will appear in dlc/mod tab and campaign options.

Unsubsribe from any included agent mods: the compilation will add them differently and it will create issues if you don't.

Steam-less version:
Русская версия:

Thanks to Lemonhead! Mod would never work as it is if there was no Sequential Modloader.
Thanks to True Lovecraft, Sogaple and JeysieC for English text corrections.
Dr.Pedler full metal design and Ghuff augment made but unused by Klei.
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Sep 30 @ 1:38pm
Wanna suggest a banter between agents?
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jmxd Nov 9 @ 5:30pm 
Thanks, i think i should learn to read ;) it works now
Human_Kirby Nov 9 @ 5:28pm 
You need to look at the required mods bar at the side of this page
jmxd Nov 9 @ 5:27pm 
Just tried to download this mod, and after refreshing the mod list in-game and restarting it instantly crashes. I do not have any other mods. Any idea?
Shirsh  [author] Oct 25 @ 10:31am 
upd: some fixes for some things that was not seen, mostly rugs and floorpieces
Shirsh  [author] Oct 8 @ 3:18am 
+ FTM hall entry point
+ Monster and Central dialogues by Salaam
+ Draco and Banks dialogues by Datapuncher
+ fixed cover "animation" for ftm_hall_bookshelf animdef
Shirsh  [author] Oct 6 @ 11:49pm 
upd: fixed minor annoyance with glasswalls in terminals mission (were shown as oject filling tile in tactic mode)
Shirsh  [author] Oct 3 @ 3:52pm 
+ more dialogs for Draco and Rush, more start and exit rooms,
thanks to Wodzu93 compatibility with DLC agents absence fixed
Shirsh  [author] Sep 30 @ 3:37pm 
upd: +4 several cross-banters between Draco and Decker written by Datapuncher and WMGreywind
Shirsh  [author] Sep 30 @ 1:46pm 
Sim Constructor added as requirement (though currently onle new banter wouldn't work without it).
Shirsh  [author] Sep 30 @ 1:38pm 
upd^ added several dialogues between Pedler, Mist and other agents written by Caischcer
if you guys can write more, post your suggestions to the thread please