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ZBeautiful Battles
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May 11, 2016 @ 11:42pm
Sep 24, 2017 @ 7:14pm
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ZBeautiful Battles

This mod improves the battle aesthetics of the game by making changes that
alter the flow and spacing of space battles in Stellaris.

- Updated for Stellaris version 1.8 Capek (3943)
- NEW YBeautiful Battles Companion MOD!!!!!! Please see link below!
(This companion mod will further improve battle spacing / aesthetics but with more balance
changes then the original ZBeautiful Battles - Users beware)

The following changes were made to improve the overall spacing, flow, visibility and
tactical awareness of battles at a glance ((*****Each file changed is grouped under a
category and labelled by how IMPORTANT and thus OVERWRITABLE they are*****))::::

(*VITAL* - overwriting these will break mod*)
* Ship behavior (Combat CPUs) tweaked by changing collision awareness, prefered
attack range, formation distance and return to formation distance.
-COMMON\DEFINES\BB_DEFINES.LUA (Should not be overwritable - custom file name)
* Decreased combat_back_off rate for better spacing in close combat.
* Increased Fleet Base Formation Scale by a small amount to space out ships in
pre combat / sublight / lightspeed formation. (Better spacing / Less collision, clipping)
* Increased Ship random height offset by a large amount.
(Better spacing / Less collision, clipping)

(*IMPORTANT* but overwritable - will affect overall quality of mod*)
(All weapon changes here were applied globally to minimize tampering with vanilla balance
and PRIMARILY for aesthetic value)
* Ship COMBAT speed was reduced to allow for less blobbing & more long range
exchange of fire.
* Ship COMBAT rotation speed was reduced to eliminate unrealistic / jittery turning

The above listed changes alter the battle flow and graphics in a pronounced way and
(IMHO) vastly improve the visual quality of battles in Stellaris. With these changes
the following should be experienced:::
- Battles are more 3D now!!!
- Battles are clearer and ships move in less jarring ways.
- Much less clipping of ships and generally more space between ships.

Achievement Compatible :: Not compatible.
Save game Compatible :: Should be compatible but no guarantees.
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facciola007 Mar 18 @ 4:39pm 
+1 fishbone
Fishbone Mar 18 @ 8:35am 
Why does everyone keep claiming that 2.0 "broke" a lot of stuff? The way i see it, 2.0 enhanced and changed a lot of stuff for the better. So you can't use your mods anymore, either because the authors can't/won't update their work, or was integrated into the game, in some fashion.

But to keep claiming Paradox is "breaking" a game they themselves own, are developing, and choosing to release to the public - well, I guess it's beyond my level of reasoning.
Black Jack Feb 28 @ 2:54pm 
Yeah blackthron has been hardcore on some total war for a good while now I dont think we will be seeing him update this anytime soon. If anyone is interested however you might message him and if you wish to pick it up or use the files.

The biggest problem is that 2.0 effectively changed almost everything that this mod did. To rebalance not only the visual but gameplay chanegs would require a from the ground up examination of all the value tweaks and signifcant amount of testing and time investment in order to replicate similar effects to pre 2.0 so its not impossible to update it but it would be a quiet a task.
Kingdark Feb 25 @ 5:15am 
Yup, as long as the author doesn't even reply then chances are this mod is abandoned. 2.0 update broke a lot of stuff so...
In_The_Motion Feb 24 @ 1:50pm 
i think is dead
Gerishnakov Feb 24 @ 6:02am 
If that was the case it would've taken the author just five seconds to update the .txt files but they didn't. Doesn't exactly smack of an active mod.
essi2 Feb 24 @ 4:07am 
There was no reason to update to 1.9.
Gerishnakov Feb 24 @ 4:06am 
As this was never updated for 1.9, I'm guessing I should go ahead and unsubscribe now that 2.0 is out.
🐾MissS™-迷失♥ Feb 23 @ 4:26am 
kAs3 Feb 22 @ 1:18pm 
I need Z and Y to play this game. I just can't without them. Please