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River Helm
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May 6, 2012 @ 11:24pm
Jan 4, 2013 @ 4:33pm
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River Helm

Become The King of River Helm
(RiverHelm is Located down steam from Riverwood)

Attention for update need new save clean,

save clean =
1- disable mod enter in game with mod disabled and "create new save"
2 - exit game
3 - update and active mod again
4- play in new save.

1. Download most up to date version of the mod from
2. unzip to skyrim/data
3. subscibe to mod.

- Should Fix all issues with game crashes loading and what not, most of the issues were with steam syncing the game.
- Added court magician, a magician who sells items and spells. 1.4
- Added a servant who sweeps his great hall diarimente. 1.4
- A huge arena!!! What does a giant look small! 1.6
- Version more stable reduction of CTD problems.
- It is compatible with other mods like elvenwood and Levelers Tower and many others who have yet to be tested.
- The voice of the Baron was remade to look older.(elementxstyle)
- The quest to buy the property was rebuilt in an attempt to fix the bug where Baron will not give the keys, notify resolved in the comments
- Great hall of the castle was "remade" now much more beautiful to look at.
- The small room beside the great Hall, has been expanded! Now for a meeting room!
- Added court magician, a magician who sells items and spells.
- Added a servant who sweeps his great hall diarimente.
-Lighting has been improved in some parts of the castle!
-Was added in prison guards, in the room of Knight who also received improvements.
-Fixed bug where the knight go to sleep in prison.
- New unique armor for your army!
- New armor Riverhelm King! ( Armor in the chest of your bed)
- New unique shield with coat of arms for his army!
- Now the Baron has a voice!
- English has been corrected!
- Now some guards are patrolling.
- I improved the light of some environments.
- Fix some bugs like the guards of the gate right now it does not go there.
- New home interior " workers house"
- And other minor fixes
V 1.0
1 - Buy a mine inside the castle and get a 15,000 gold, as metals and Reward!
2 - Buy title of Knight of Riverhelm per 10,000 in gold. and collect his salary of Knight! and win a beautiful manor to live!
3 - Become King of Riverhelm buying the title by 30,000 in gold.
4 - Giant imposing fortress and fortitude worthy to envy of other kings! lol
5 - When you purchase the fortress, and become a mighty king will win the power crown, but without unbalancing the game!
6 - Collect your fees in the city or its other titles.
7 - Four Knights with good appearance to his followers.
8 - Treasure room with many places to display their achievements and also weapons and mannequins.
9 - Jester.
10-Vendors with abundant gold to sell your items.
11 - More than 50 new NPCs.

V 0.2e - Adds Guards, Soldiers, two more General Merchants in the town square a Bar (unpopulated at the moment), other various npc's in the town square and a complete overhaul of the navmesh(now your followers wont get lost in the city).
V 0.2d - Adds General Merchant to Town Square
V 0.2c - Adds Player House
V 0.2b - Adds Blacksmith Merchant.
V 0.2a - Adds Forge, Player forge chest and Map Marker
V 0.1 - Base Castle. No Npc's / No Interiors / Etc

* MODS reports of conflict

Crash update* - Conflict with Mod -Moonpath to Elsweyr-

I get crash at startup when RiverHelm and Moonpath are both active, removed moonpath and Riverhelm works fine. Could possibly be the issue since moonpath is such a popular mod.
1 - Leveler's Tower.(work in 1.5)

2 - Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships (need to test 1.5)

3 - Riverside Lodge (need to test 1.5)

5 - Elvenwood,(work in 1.5)

6 - tower defense beta (need to test 1.5)

7 - Dwemer Airstrip (need to test 1.5)

8 - Ranger Ridge0(need to test 1.5)

9 - Dovahkiin Hideout (need to test 1.5)

10 - Dovahkiin Hideout compact (need to test 1.5)

11- deus mons house (work in 1.5)

12- Whiterun Outskirts Market (need to test 1.5)

13- WARZONES:Civil Unrest (work in 1.5)

14 - Armor Sacramento Black

15 -Black Tower

Credit on this mod goes to RayMarine/Reflex for the design and building of the keep and to Locaster for adding The interiors and an addition of a mine. Locaster also did a wonderfull job of scripting so that you can become the king of the keep, something not possible in the vanilla game.
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A Rather Slender Man Aug 21 @ 5:54pm 
Riverhelm ya know the place where i can be king

isnt there
JustinTV25#roadtosilver2 Aug 13 @ 12:52pm 
this mod dosent work
This version is broken get the nexus version
panno3 Jul 22 @ 2:38pm 
this mod cause a crash of skyrim
Toshiro Jul 5 @ 5:51am 
нормальный мод
Frost Jun 13 @ 1:27pm 
this gave me a virus
Verhael Apr 16 @ 3:34am 
There are a ton of better mods than this... actually, every mod is better since they work...
Castle Gonduin is a good castle mod, or i also recommend Wyvern Rock, or Legend of The Eagle's Nest, all of these 3 are steam mods and still work!
Cat_Potato Apr 1 @ 2:40pm 
Fix it and stop being lazy
anthonylabuda Mar 28 @ 3:25pm 
ok so today i learned that there is somthing wrong with riverhelm ok so you know it keeps crashing and i had a useless mod come up to download for test and guess what it worked so i looked at the mod 94 mega bytes i was like ok whatever i thought you had 100 or 200 but you had 74 mega bytes there might be somthing wrong the game but can you help i need help
anthonylabuda Mar 26 @ 5:35pm 
ok so 2 or a year ago i was playing with my brothers computer and i saw a place called RiverHelm i was like ooooh awesome place i see and i went there WOW THIS WAS AWESOME i was so amased it had an army it had everything today i got skyrim and the mod i cant find it it must be somthing wrong i am not blaming you on it you can tell me why this is happening