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No Outpost Influence Maintenance
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May 9, 2016 @ 4:19pm
Sep 26 @ 2:23pm
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No Outpost Influence Maintenance

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Update 17 May: 1.0.3 Compatible. All my other mods are too.
Update 27 May: 1.1 Compatible.
Update 28 June: 1.2 Compatible.
Update 22 Oct: 1.3 Compatible!
Update 24 Jan: 1.4 Compatible! Should also Bugfix AI not using them.
Update 12 Apr: 1.5.* Compatible!
Update 26 Sep: 1.8.* Compatible!

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Averax  [author] Dec 8 @ 11:36am 
It works in 1.9, I just have to specify in the mod info that it does.
JLBM-Colorado Dec 8 @ 3:28am 
update for 1.9 plz!
avery Oct 15 @ 12:52pm 
Would love a 1.8.2 update if possible, maybe an option to decrease upkeep by 50% or 75%.
JohnDeere Oct 13 @ 3:00pm 
update for 1.8.2 pls
❦Xeonzsღ💕 Oct 11 @ 1:28am 
It might also be worth mentioning I'm still on 1.8, I'm not using the beta patches.

Had to split up the comment due to character limitations.
❦Xeonzsღ💕 Oct 11 @ 1:13am 
Mods I use:
Fallen Empires Expanded 1.5 (Doesn't change AI behavior)
More Projectile Graphics (Just visual)
Ticking Warscore (Doesn't change anything in AI behavior)
Automated Behavior Adjustment (Changes AI ship movement and targeting behavior)
Tiny Outliner (self explanatory)
More interesting spaceport modules (self explanatory)
Galactic Unification - Cheaper War Demands (self explanatory)
Traits & Ethics+ (More Ethic and trait points and picks)
Beautiful Universe v2.0 (Just visual)
Improved Space Battles [Graphics] (Self Explanatory)
Planet Cap Raised (Standard core sector size increased to 10)
Color code pop status icons (just visual)
UI Overhaul 1080p Plus (Just visual)

I don't really use any mods that change AI's core behavior, only the automated behavior mod just for ship movement and targetting during combat, but nothing changes AI strategic behavior.
❦Xeonzsღ💕 Oct 11 @ 1:13am 
@Averax, it was a 1000 system Elliptical shape.
29 empires, 8 FE.
Primitives set to 3x
Colonies to 1.25
Crisis to 5x
Difficulty on normal
Aggresiveness on high
All expansions
Averax  [author] Oct 10 @ 10:13pm 
@xeonzs, that sounds higher than most people are reporting. What difficulty and size map are you playing on? Apart from FEE are you using any other AI mods?
❦Xeonzsღ💕 Oct 10 @ 3:07pm 
Just a small warning:
The AI HEAVILY abuses this, after playing a new game for just 1.5 hours on normal difficulty and fast speed, most AI's already built between 4 and 7 outposts even the FE from FEE mod!!!

I liked the idea on paper, until how I found out how it worked in practice, it screws you over so hard in the beginning because you simply can't expand beyond your 2nd colony -if you're lucky with planets that is- as the AI will have claimed all space in the galaxy already with frontier outposts, it's pure madness.

Perhaps halving the maintenance would've been a better option than outright removing it, because than there would at least still be let's say 6-12 cap due to influence income, right now there's only energy limiting it but we all know that's no issue.
qltifmf Oct 7 @ 2:02am