Arma 3
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Join us - VIKING Squad
We've been an outfit for a few years now. The squad meets twice a week for operations so if you’re interested in playing with us follow the links below.

If you like playing in organised squads to overcome superior odds then perhaps VIKING squad is for you. Since the groups humble beginning VIKING squad have frequented many servers but could never find one that played like we envisioned Arma should be played; Trolling, disorganised units and servers, easy missions and a lack of etiquette forced us to get our own server. Now we're able to conduct smooth organised weekly events which are challenging and require a level of communication that was hard to get on other servers.

If you'd like to play with fellow Arma-ites then follow the links below. If not then please enjoy our 8 part campaign - Armarus and watch this space for further campaigns as we have more to be released soon....

Thank you for reading - VIKING HQ


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Standalone mission with elements of night-ops, stealth, patrolling arm...
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