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Pinning any steam action to task bar [Win 7-10]
By Baldurs Tod
This guide will teach you how to create buttons in your task bar to perform various steam actions, such as opening a steam window, controlling music player, launching steam and non-steam games, connecting to your favorite server...
Creating new pinned buttons to task bar
Navigate to your steam installation folder, duplicate steam.exe for each button you want to create. Drag and drop each steam duplicate to your task bar to pin them. Once the buttons are setup, you can delete the duplicates.
Editing shortcut to perform a specific action.
Once pinned buttons are created, right click on them, them right click on the shortcut to edit properties. Clear the target field and type
explorer steam://SteamAction

For instance to open your friend list, type:
explorer steam://open/friends

The comprehensive list of steam actions can be found here:
Running a steam or non-steam game
To add a non steam game, you need the game id. To do this, go to your library, and create a desktop shorcut.
Open the properties of your desktop shortcut and copy the URL field that look like that : steam://rungameid/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Then open the properties of your taskbar shortcut, clear the target field and type explorer and paste the link. The target should look like that: explorer steam://rungameid/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

You may want the game icon for this. In your taskbar shortcut properties, click change icon and then browse to the game executable.
Messaging a friend
To page a friend, you need his steam id. Steam id are 17 digits number: 765611xxxxxxxxxxx.
Go to your friend profile, and copy his profile url.
If your friend don't use a vanity url, simply pick the number. Otherwise, browse my web site and paste the url. It will give you his steam id.

Once you have his id, edit the shortcut and type
explorer steam://friends/message/765611xxxxxxxxxxx