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Apr 23, 2016 @ 12:42pm
Nov 25, 2016 @ 9:29am
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Latest update :
You are free to use and pack on your servers without asking me for permission, I am just asking for credit in the mission briefing and your website if you have one.

Also I am not working on this addon anymore, so don't ask for fix and update.


Em_Buildings aims to add more variety in interiors Close Quarter Combat with a set of custom made high quality structures like mansions, houses, offices, hospitals, etc...

Right now, you can add these structure in Eden editor by typing the name of each building (listed below)

Permissions :
1 - I grant permission to PlayWithSix and Armaholic to upload and update this addon, otherwise I strictly forbid upload without my consent.
2 - I grant permission to Mission and map makers to use this addon (no repack, only use the mod @Em_Buildings from either SteamWorkshop, PlayWithSix and Armaholic) they way they like and only for non profit work.
3 - I ask for a credit when you use this addon.
4 - I may give permission to repack case by case.


v0.6 : Novermber 25 2016
- various fixes
- polished building_04
- added building_05

This version contains 7 buildings (class names)
- em_mansion_01
- em_mansion_01_reversed
- em_building_02
- em_building_03
- em_medical_center_01
- em_building_04
- em_heliport_01
- em_building_05

I'd like to thanks the Arma 3 discord community (da12thMonkey, PuFu, Pennyworth, Dscha, BadBenson, etc) for all the help and knowledge they provide.

Link on Bohemia Interactive forums :
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TimRambo Oct 30 @ 9:45am 
is it possible to pack this into my server.
we are a small private community named MetropolisEmergencyService
our community is still W.I.P

there will ofcourse be credit towards what u have made and link to your workshop or armaholic page.

TimRambo Out
☆ SilentF0x Oct 25 @ 7:33am 
Is there a chance to get the a source pack? I like to edit some things and trying to fix the elevator.
greni Oct 21 @ 4:34am 
Hi EM, will we get more of the nice buildings in the Future?
ICE88 Oct 11 @ 11:02am 
Thank you
Em'  [author] Oct 11 @ 8:10am 
Elevator isn't finished, i just forgot to delete it :/

Other people : you are free to use on your life servers, pack and repack. I just ask for credits somewhere on your website or briefing mission.
ICE88 Oct 10 @ 5:40pm 
Question.. how do we get the elevator to work that is in your pack? also it says it is for the medical center but I cannot figure out how it lines up with anything. Thanks
Hellow can i use your buildings on my server life?
Alex Meva Sep 15 @ 10:43am 
There is no problem to credit you on our Server and Website. Thank you!
Em'  [author] Sep 15 @ 9:57am 
Go ahead, I stopped working on this no need to ask for permission to use / repack this addon. All I ask is a message here and credit in your briefing mission and on your website.
Alex Meva Sep 15 @ 9:29am 
Hello, I want to ask if i could take this mod (your buildings) for a Modded Tanoa Life Server? We are right now in the building phase and would like to work with your mod.

Thank you for your Reply.