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NIArms AR15 Rifles
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Apr 17, 2016 @ 3:41am
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NIArms AR15 Rifles

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NIArms All in One
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In the 1950s, Small arms company Armalite (then bought as a division into the Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation) was founded to create firearms that focused on utilising the latest in material design to bring to market light, better weapons. The company, under the orders of legendary Chief Engineer Eugene Stoner brought to market two notable rifle designs to the table in it's early life - The AR-10 and AR-15. The AR-10 competed initally for the Infantry Combat Rifle trials, which it ultimately lost to the M14, but the overall concepts and rough design layout it created layed the mould for it's lighter caliber succerssor: the AR-15. Both systems have a direct gas impingement system - gas is tappedback via tube to the bolt to apply direct gas pressure on the bolt to cycle. The system as designed was simple to strip and operate, light and ,with the correct spec ammo, accuracte and reliable. First adopters of the AR-15, the US Air Force and Army Special Forces, sung high praise of the rifle, ultimately leading to it's introduction to service with the Marines as the M16. Unfortunately too late for Armalite itself, dissatisfied with the response in the market prior to wide adoption, sold the AR-10 and AR-15 patterns to Colt, and AR-10 to a Dutch company. Armalite had a few smaller successes with other ideas (Notably the AR-18), but the company never really saw widespread success and closed it's doors in 1983.

Today, the AR-15 stands not as one weapon ,but as a family platform of largely interchangable variations on the concept, with wide adoption in Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian shooting areas. This pack reflects just some of that variety, not to cover the bog standard M4s and M16s, but some of the more exotic variations.

Pack Contains-
8 weapons in 2 calibers(5.56mm NATO and .300 Blackout)
2 Suppressors
1 Supply Box
Zeus Compatible.

hlc_rifle_RU556 - AR15 Sanitied Carbine (Magpul AFG, MOE,P-Mag,BAD-lever. Novekse KX3)
hlc_rifle_RU5562 - AR15 Magpul Carbine (Magpul AFG, UBR,P-Mag,BAD-lever. Novekse KX3)
hlc_rifle_Colt727 - Colt Carbine (Colt Model 727 "Commando" - "M4" Barrel, M16A2 Upper, Full-Auto Lower)
hlc_rifle_Colt727_GL - Same as above, add M203
hlc_rifle_bcmjack - Bravo Company MFG/Haley Strategic 'Jack" Carbine ( Milspec M4 reciever, Geissele SMR Mk1, BCMGunfighter Muzzle brake/comp, there's more, but this isn't an advert)
hlc_rifle_Bushmaster300 - Busmaster .300 Carbine (M4A1-profile carbine chambered for .300 Blackout, instead of 5.56mm NATO)
hlc_rifle_vendimus - AR15 .300 Dissipator Carbine (Carbine-length heavy barrel covered by full-length rifle furniture)
hlc_rifle_SAMR - Rock River Arms LAR-15 AMR (Full-Auto-Capable full-length rifle, kitted out to be able to double as a marksman rifle, with accuracy to match)
hlc_rifle_honeybase - AAC 'Honey-Badger',Sans Suppressor
hlc_rifle_honeybadger - AAC 'Honey-Badger' (Suppressed Carbine-length defense weapon, created to show off the low-velocity suppressed capabilities of the .300 Blackout round)
hlc_rifle_cqbr - Colt M4 CQBR (SBR)
hlc_rifle_m4 - Colt M4 Carbine (RO977 Carbine, the COTS equivalent to the Milspec M4)
hlc_muzzle_556NATO_KAC -Sound Suppressor 5.56MM NATO AR15s
hlc_muzzle_300blk_KAC - Sound Suppressor .300 Blackout AR15s
29rnd_300BLK_STANAG - 30 Round magazine of .300 Blackout FMJ
29rnd_300BLK_STANAG_T - 30 Round magazine of .300 Blackout Tracer Rounds
29rnd_300BLK_STANAG_S - 30 Round magazine of .300 Blackout FMJ "cold" loads for optimum sound suppression.
hlc_30rnd_556x45_EPR - 30 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO Enhanced Performance Rounds.
hlc_30rnd_556x45_SOST - 30 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO Mk318 Rounds(designed for optimal performance with even SBR-length rifles).
hlc_30rnd_556x45_SPR - 30 Round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO Mk262 Rounds(desgined for long range ballistic consistency).

Contributing Authors-
Bohemia Interactive- Arma2 Sample resources(Meshes, Sounds, RVMATs, Textures), some script lines. (M14DMR,Bipod, LR/T)
.300 BLK Suppressor- ImBrokeRU
Sanitised Carbine - ImBrokeRU, Antivirus404, RedRogueXVII, Tigg, Brains Collector, Toadie
Magpul Carbine -ImBrokeRU, 4Echo, RedRogueXVII, Tigg, Toadie
Colt 727 - Twinke Masta, Stoke, Tigg, Toadie
Colt 727 GL - Twinke Masta, Stoke, Tigg, Toadie
BCM 'Jack' - Twinke Masta, Tenoyl, Tigg, Toadie
Bushmaster Carbine - Sephiris, Agent95
Dissipator Carbine - Sephiris, Agent95, Tigg, Toadie
RRA LAR15 - Twinke Masta, Tigg, Toadie, Bohemia Interactive (Muzzle Brake)
AAC HoneyBadger - Hypermetal
Honeybadger audio by Navaro
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Nov 29, 2017 @ 5:44am
ACO on Colt M4 Carbine
Ignoto Militi
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Master Chief Mar 4 @ 10:09am 
Something seems to be bugged with the AR15 pack. I cannot see any of the AR15 rifles in the arsenal, and the RHS and ACE compatibility packs are generating errors stating "requires addon 'hlcweapons_ar15'".

The NiArms All In One package is not affected, the AR15 rifles show properly in that pack.
dyadya tolik (the barber) Jan 17 @ 9:55pm 
+Chick Corea needs m733,723,727,653 and M16 variants like A4,A3,A2
BLABABOO Jan 16 @ 1:09am 
does this work on campain?
Chick Corea Jan 15 @ 5:11am 
Needs the M16 and early carbine variants. (M727, M733, M653) Oh and that cool Colt LMG
Brendansports Jan 14 @ 1:01pm 
I would also like to add that all new weapons w/ these muzzle flashes look too long and unnatural
Brendansports Jan 14 @ 12:54pm 
Sorry I worded that incorrectly, I ment the muzzle flashes which seem too pizely/massive on all your new weapons but its random one moment its not noticable then its huge as heck. And by ammo capacity I ment that I was carrying less mags then before ex my character could hold 20 mags back then now its 13 but ive been able to work around this so the changes arnt huge so no issue there. My main concern is the new muzzle flashes, specifically for the MG3/AR15 Which in my opinion look terrible and could be tweaked slightly, they look to huge and massive and look like pixels in a way but thats my opinion again.
[S2] Still A Lime  [author] Jan 14 @ 4:44am 
@Brendansports - The only tracer change in this update was to the EPR Blackout mags, which had the last round tracer removed from them. If tracers have changed at all,that's on your end.

The mass changes came around entirely because too many of the mass values were inconsistent in how they were measured. and by inconsistent I mean for example FAL magazines weighed as much in the inventory as a full MP5... which isn't even goddamn close to realism. Someone gave me a good method for calculating them that was both close enough to whatever Grade-on-a-curve system BI uses for it AND it's consistent to real-world weight.

There have been 0 ammo capacity changes this update, so I'm really at a a bloody loss to see what your problem is.
Brendansports Jan 11 @ 4:19pm 
And I also dont like how you changed the ammo capacity limit/weight but thats just preference
Brendansports Jan 11 @ 4:06pm 
Not to be rude but all your new guns that you updated tracers are bad. I kinda wish you would just go back to the old one
M16A4 Assault Rifle Dec 25, 2017 @ 5:40pm 
Like to see the A2