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NPC Bush People
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Apr 10, 2016 @ 6:57pm
Jan 3 @ 4:26am
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NPC Bush People

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This mod adds wild tame-able NPC's to your Ark.

Abberation users need to place the spawner statue:
Cheats cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/BushPeople/PrimalEarthNPC/Items/PrimalItemStructure_npcSpawner.PrimalItemStructure_npcSpawner" 1 0 0 false



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Jan 7 @ 9:22pm
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Vocal Tune
Jan 14 @ 3:32pm
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Vocal Tune
Jan 12 @ 11:38pm
Cannot pick up bush people with dinos
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CloudyWKush 4 hours ago 
The base mod spawns in only female fighters with no weapons.
TheSilverShroud2018 5 hours ago 
how do i tame one of this?
joykidd12 9 hours ago 
This mod is not working for me. I cant find any bush people. I'm on Rag map. Someone have any suggestions or the same problem?
Therbis Jan 14 @ 7:04am 
Can someone tell me what the stuff like npc leg and skins are for? :o
♛ KROWN ♛ Jan 13 @ 6:49pm 
Anyone know how to change the NPC speed? They are all running around at 320 speed. I want some to casually walk about in my castle.
Zizzybob™ Jan 13 @ 12:02pm 
is this mod abandoned?
123 Jan 13 @ 11:35am 
does the npc ppl build bases?
lando_heals Jan 13 @ 9:43am 
I tried using the spawn command for the bases but nothing happens? Any reason? thanks.
Krakenous Jan 13 @ 9:07am 
PC gamer article says this mod should spawn npcs and spawn settlements across the maps. How? Do you NEED to place the spawner for bases and people to show up? I want them just dynamically spawn across the map and run into them, not have them just magicly appear from a statue and run around smacking me with fists and not building stuff. A little more of a FAQ on how to set this up so they spawn dynamically across the map and build bases would be better.
Vocal Tune Jan 12 @ 11:36pm 
Hold E on the statue and you'll find different options. there's should be something on the top right that allows you to change from true to false which Is the trigger to keep them spawning or not. last time i tested this they didn't spawn right away and I had to manually switch it to false or true to activate them. Also you can control how many you want to pop out on the bottom left. I think it's at 25. if you put too many of these statues without configuring their numbers your gonna have a npc invasion happening so be careful. they are weak alone but together they actually damage stone base with their fists if they are trying to attack ANY living creature that is close enough to the stone walls or even just within the walls in general.