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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Enter the world of Shigoislands with isles full of breathtaking mountain chains and vertiginous cliffed coasts. Explore the vast wilderness of the five islands where there is more than enough space to build up you're new home, from a modest thatch village to a legendary metal fortress. Or is it an adventure you're looking for? Then do not hesitate to face the deep cold of the northern winterlands on Sunato-island or the dangerous heat of the southern desert on Arashi-island. Struggle through forests, swamps, jungles, caves and underwater lairs where some of the most exotive dinosaurs are waiting to be tamed (or defeated) by you. Collect resources of all types to gain experience and build up you're realm in a whole new ARK-experience.
Shigoislands awaits you!

Want to play Primitiv ?
Use this Comands in the GameUserSettings:
Ark=1 {hides the Obelisks}
Drop=1 {change Supplydrops to DodoDrops}

Short Facts
  • 40% Bigger than TheIsland
  • Biomes: Grassland, Jungle, Swamp, Snow, Redwood and Desert
  • Custom Weather (Storm and Extrem Fog)
  • All Theisland/SE Ressources (AB:Blue/Green Gem and Fungal Wood)
  • All 10 Artifacts
  • 3 Boss Arenas: Broodmother, Gorilla and Dragon
  • Tek Cave and Finalboss (Overseer)
  • All TheIsland Dinos (no Yeti)
  • All SE Dinos
  • 6 Caves + 8 small Underwater Caves
  • 2 Custom Supply Drops - Orange Lvl 70 (Skins) - Black Lvl 90 (Armour+Weapons)

Feedback & Bugreport
Shigoislands Discord[]

Questions and support
For more questions, longer discriptions or bugs visit me at:
Exilog Support Forum[]
Special thanks to

Shigoislands Wiki[]
Shigoislands Resource Map[]
Shigoislands Explorer Map[]


Want to support me?
I spend countless hours in the devkit to make this map and i work mostly everyday on my map and my other mods to make them better. If you want to support me I will be very happy.
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Reidar 16 hours ago 
Just added this map to my server.
I clip through hills and sink into the ground and see floating trees and bushes all over the map, is this something that happens for everyone or is it just me?
󠀡Stickity Mar 21 @ 10:06am 
Just reading the comments make me laugh. People complain, but its cause they don't read. People ask you to actually rework your map with flat areas for THEM to build, seriously?? Other people are using mods, but don't even know what the hell they are doing and how to set up or use a mod so come here to rage on the map creator for no reason. I mean seriously, some of you people need to first take a deep brerath, then go outside and get some FRESH air, then, THINK and READ before you post and make yourself look like the idiots you really are.
Semirotta Mar 18 @ 9:20am 
No there are not.
OriginalOrazzal Mar 18 @ 9:07am 
are there rock drakes on this map?
Semirotta Mar 11 @ 1:28am 
Could someone help a noob out?
I can't seem to find any Oil pump spots on top left island. I've gone through the middle area, mountains, and top area so far and 0 spots. I still have to search the south-western area but I don't understand why I fail to find them :'D
Semirotta Mar 10 @ 6:03am 
Well it's not my server but I feel like 5x each type of wyvern in that small area is just too much. It should be 2 or max. 3 each. You can't go anywhere in the center area without having bunch of wyverns attacking you. And as I move with Thyla since we got nothing big yet, you cant kill them with Thyla. They stay in air, you cant fly..
Max Mar 10 @ 3:57am 
@Semirotta: The map is designed for 5/5/5 +1 alpha (have spent a week setting it up and using various tools to read actual wyvern counts, not just visually counted). If you have more than that then you have a dino mod or CF is causing overspawns if you have it installed.
Semirotta Mar 10 @ 1:39am 
Anybody else having random FPS drops when around or on the Wyvern island ?
Everywhere else my fps is stable 50~ give or take 10 fps. But when entering Wyvern island and the surroundings of it, I tend to have random fps drops down to 20-30. I believe it is the Wyverns.
Also I feel like there are too many Wyverns in that area.
Semirotta Mar 10 @ 1:37am 
Indeed, during night time they glow out in the dark and are easily spotted. They are quite small anyway :)
PsyberTech Mar 9 @ 12:55pm 
Oh! OK, thank you both for your help in this. Knowing they are rare helps a lot! I will be looking at night shortly.