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Changed Race and Werewolf Fix
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May 4, 2012 @ 10:25am
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Did you ever used the ShowRaceMenu console command? You might changed your race because it got boring or anything. When you change the race AFTER you became a Werewolf at the Companions you will become the original race from before ShowRaceMenu.
I little example:
Orc => (ShowRaceMenu) Argonian => Tranformation to Werewolf => back to Orc!
So the Companion questline stores your Race JUST ONE TIME to determine, into which race you will transform back.
I fixed this and you can choose any race you want as a Werewolf.
That was the infamous ShowRaceMenu + Werewolf bug.

How it works: The transformation script now looks EVERY time which race you are and will then transform you back properly.

No knwon side effects or incompabilities. But if anything rewrites the "playwerewolfchangescript", it won't work.

PLEASE, do a backup, just in case.
And consider some nice words. :>
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THE MERCENARY Jun 22 @ 2:51pm 
If this doesn't work (Which I hope it will) I could get my wife Serana (yes happily married :D) to turn me into a Vampire Lord, then get Aela to infect me with Lycanthropy again and hopefully the race will synchronise! It's an alternative worth considering in case thing decide to go South.
Agrul Sha'lak Apr 14 @ 12:10pm 
Works very well with the werewolf form and even mods such as the wearbear form. It would be great if you could make the same mod but for the vampire lord transformation, as it doesn't seem to have any non-manual solution.
Luftschwaffel Mar 18 @ 7:10am 
This bug was driving me nuts! This worked amazingly, thank you! :D
KnightRaven_Gurl Mar 10 @ 2:57am 
k then, it's cool, i'm on a break from Skyrim anyway
WishSeeker Mar 6 @ 8:27pm 
gonna give this one a shot
B01scout  [author] Mar 3 @ 10:09am 
Cool idea, but no can do.
KnightRaven_Gurl Mar 1 @ 7:14pm 
i wanna make a request, could u do a mod where instead of turning into the classic werewolf, how about an actual wolf but big or something like that?
Sage Feb 25 @ 1:10pm 
Yeah !! ... thank you , this bug was very annoying. i don't know if this can help people for those this mod isn't working, i put it at the end of the loading list and it works.
B01scout  [author] Feb 9 @ 1:28am 
Any Werewolf changing mods installed?
I can't guarantee the script working properly when mods may change this. :-/
Besides I'm still not sure about the loading priorities. Try the very last loading order.
Deathblazer96 Feb 8 @ 3:25am 
it doesnt work :'(