Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken

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Online Fix & Community Mod Patch
By Carlmundo
Online Patch: Fixes black screen, crashes and allows online play on modern versions of Windows
Community Mod Patch: (Offline play) Fixes, Remove GFWL, Adds PS3 Exclusive Characters & Alternate Costumes
Choose ONE of the easy to use patches to install. You cannot use them both at the same time.

Online Patch
Fixes black screen, crashes and allows online play on modern versions of Windows
Download - Updated 7 July 2016

Community Mod Patch
(Offline play) Fixes, Remove GFWL, Add PS3 Exclusive Characters & Alternate Costumes
Download (v1.2) - Updated 1 July 2016

Run the file and it should detect where the game is installed, then install the patch.

Feature Online Patch Community Mod Patch
Play Online
Compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 10+
Fixes black screens and crashes
Removes GFWL
Alternate costumes for all characters
(previously exclusive to console)
Adds 5 new characters:
(previously exclusive to PlayStation)
  • Cole MacGrath
  • Mega Man
  • Pac-Man
  • Kuro
  • Turo
Online Patch
  • Does not work if the Community Mod Patch is installed. You can only use one.
  • Will need a clean install of the game before you install the patch.
  • May need a Microsoft / GFWL account that was created before GFWL was shutdown.
  • If the game keeps stuttering / stalling, disable NVIDIA GeForce ShadowPlay.
Community Mod Patch
  • Can be installed on top of the Online Patch but will overwrite it and disable online play.
  • The new characters work for all installed languages but will always use their English localisation.
  • Known bug: Mega Man's gun and Cole's amp will appear on the opposite hand if they are Player 2.
Online Patch

Community Mod Patch
Carlmundo - Patch creator, GFWL removal, Windows compatibility, Multi-language support
liljon042, 2DGraphix - PS3 Character Mod[]
Robhal - PS3 character mod fixes, Alternate costumes
piecemontee - Creator of SF4 Explorer[]
catspaw - PS3 LUA decompiler, File Conversion
sloth85, kensou - Modding tools
baoulettes - Kuro & Turo implementation
Moddah, BrutalAce, Moedjoer, DarkSamus - Alternate costumes
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Spaceman Jul 21 @ 3:26am 
My friend and I couldn't find eeach other in ranked or get into each other's invited endless lobbies? Any ideas why?

I've connceted with others...
DJsillylegs Jul 15 @ 10:08pm 
It will not let me sign in with my account. When I had my older computer I could sign in fine but now I have a new computer and I cannot sign into GWFL
WeirdoGeek Jul 11 @ 10:19pm 
I WOULD say that the special moves need correcting for the community patch characters and have online for them as well, but it's understandable given the situation and I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Especially with Sony characters on Microsoft property. Awesome patches!
bakablues Jul 4 @ 10:44am 
There's a little bug on the characters colors?
LocoSanchez_1 Jun 29 @ 8:10am 
do we have the 12 additional characters, or do we still have to buy them?
Coleco_84 Jun 25 @ 5:46pm 
rent12 Jun 13 @ 6:11am 
Thank you so much for this fix! Quick question: does this only work with the Steam version of the game? Thank you again.
WarrenXIII May 23 @ 4:00pm 
thank you so much for releasing these patches so much better than not having a working game on my account thank you!!!!
Vice's Assistant May 21 @ 7:28am 
Does anyone know how to add in the additional colors/locked colors when using the community patch? I had a patch for SFXT in the past which gave me those color but after my PC harddrive got trashed. I can't get that patch to work. The commuity one works great but is misisng those colors.
Takuumi May 9 @ 5:43pm 
Community Mod Patch
chars playable arcade beatable
customisation options messed up really bad
2 and 3 outfits won't show up in customisation options but still can be recolored.....
what to do with this?