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Additional Mission Types
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Additional Mission Types

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This mod adds in additional mission types to spice up your campaigns, ranging from Guerilla Ops to Retaliations.

LATEST UPDATE: Added two new mission types.

You can grab Mod Config Menu here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667104300


NOTE: If you're having further issues with difficulty due to mods and what not, how the mod sets up the mission type(s) can be found at XComMissions.ini, located at (wherever XCOM 2 is installed)\steamapps\workshop\content\268500\647242867\Config

Haven Siege - The local resistance fighters has managed to hold off ADVENT in time for XCOM to arrive, but have been whittled down to their last line of defence. Hold off ADVENT's siege long enough for the non-combatants to evacuate. Any surviving fighters will join up with XCOM afterwards.

Afterwards, you can try to secure the area after denying ADVENT their goal, or you can just evac the area right afterwards.

Effectively an attempt at bringing over EU's style of Base Defence as a mission type. The reinforcements will come whether you're done with the current group or not, and you got a whole bunch of enemies you're going need to deal with at the start. (Starting missions should be around the low 40s.)

The turns required for 2 pods per every other turn and the number of resistance fighters on Haven Sieges can be customized in XComHavenSiege.ini.

PR Tour - Someone high up connected to ADVENT is doing a PR tour in the outlying areas to convince people to move to the ADVENT City Centers. Take care of them while they're out, but be careful, ADVENT's willing to pull out some big guns if the VIP ends up biting it during the mission.

By big guns I mean Firebrand stays out of the fight for 2 more turns, even if the timer had already expired (it will restart it in that case), and the pace of reinforcements increases.

Evac is required for the mission.

Basically a hybrid of attack and defence, you're given nearly all the time in the world to try setting up, but once you start the fireworks, you better dig in for a bit of a fight.

Rescue VIP from Rioting City - A relatively ranking resistance member has been captured, but Resistance provocateurs have managed to set off riots to distract ADVENT while XCOM goes in to rescue them. You have up to 8 turns to secure the area as best as you can before ADVENT learns of the escape attempt and forces Firebrand out of the area, who won't be able to come back for 8 turns, and reinforcements will come in regularly. Surviving resistance provocateurs will try to hook up with XCOM and will be willing to help out.

Adaptation of PR Tour for Council Missions after hearing about Beagle wanting a council mission where you could actually stick a bit and fight in a city center building instead of having to constantly move across the map. Evac mechanics work exactly like PR Tour, you should be able to call it down once the timer has expired.

City Center Item Recovery - ADVENT's movement of forces to the rural outbacks to try to deal with us, has opened a gap in their city defences. We can grab a piece of intel critical to our efforts while ADVENT's strength in their cities are lowered.

Like a vanilla item recovery mission, except the timer won't start ticking until combat has started.

Neutralize Advent Project VIP - one of the various science personnel vital to the Avatar Project's process has gotten complacent and stayed in a single facility we can raid. We can deal a significant blow to the Elders' progress if we can take them out.

Like a neutralize mission, except as a counterpart to traditional Sabotage missions. Timer will also not start until combat has started, to help compensate for the increased amount of enemies.

NOTE: PR Tour, Rioting City, Neutralize ADVENT VIP, and City Center Recovery have conflicts with ABA2, and will have no starting enemies past a certain force level when it's active. To fix this, go to (wherever XCOM 2 is installed)\steamapps\workshop\content\268500\647242867\Config, and follow the instructions in XComMissions.ini to alter the arrMissions accordingly.

Mission types should be grabbed by the game's mission handler without any issue, though it'll be a bit random whether it picks any added types or a vanilla type.

Resistance fighters that currently spawn in Haven Siege missions can have their equipment upgraded through the Proving Grounds, and if the player enables plasma weapon research in the XComHavenSiegeSettings.ini located at (Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\Config), the Research Lab as well.

It can also be altered so resistance fighters auto-acquire the latest equipment from XCOM, just set NoTechsRequired to true with either mod configure menu, or altering XComHavenSiegeSettings.ini. (This will also let the mod use mod-added weapon tiers like Lasers or ETC Weaponry)

Enemies Don't Seem To Be Spawning
Clear out your config files in your Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\Config folder. Game doesn't like alterations to XComMissions.ini when it's not regenerated.

If this issue is confined to reinforcements only, you most likely have an issue with two different alien enemy mods conflicting with each other (like ABA2 and Advent Specter), please check their XComMissions.ini to resolve the issue. (ABA2 has a guide on what to change)

Attack of the Resistance Clones! - if the character pool is allowed to be used and a small enough pool is in effect, it may spawn already dead or active soldiers as resistance fighters in Haven Siege and Rioting City Extractions.

This can be disabled in the XComHavenSiegeSettings.ini with OverridePool set to true, or in-game with MCM.

My resistance rookies can't move! - this seems to be a incompatibility issue with Dynamic Stats Development, as long as it's active it'll cause haven rookies to not function normally.

I'm using Guerilla War but some of these missions don't follow its rules - go to this mod's XComMissions.ini and for every IsTacticalObjective=true, set it to false. I set it to true so I didn't have to mess around with how the game defined mission success to work with the base game (in case another mod modified it like say, Guerilla War or mods that make Sweep objectives optional), but it does result in you getting all the loot after mission completion.

Setting it to false will make any missions not auto-collect any corpses after mission completion.

I don't want these rookies add in a way to get rid of them - There's a dismiss button.

Configurable Mission Timers makes this harder!
Add the following rules to XComTacticalMissionTimers.ini in that mod:

+timerOverrideRules=(objectiveNames[0]="RM_Obj_TerrorDefence", behavior=eTimerRuleBehavior_ADD, value=0)
+timerOverrideRules=(objectiveNames[0]="RM_Obj_RescueVIP", behavior=eTimerRuleBehavior_ADD, value=0)
+timerOverrideRules=(objectiveNames[0]="RM_Obj_NeutralizeVIP", behavior=eTimerRuleBehavior_ADD, value=0)

Reinforcements on Haven Siege are unbeatable! - you can adjust when the mission goes into two reinforcement per every other turn mode (or even just disable it entirely) in the XComHavenSiege.ini in the mod's config folder, located at (wherever XCOM 2 is installed)\steamapps\workshop\content\268500\647242867\Config

Thunderbeast for making the Korean localization.

Mike The Muton for making the thumbnail image.

MantLemon for making the Chinese localization.
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Cannot move/attack/anything with added resistance fighters.
Dec 21, 2016 @ 3:04pm
Hey, Thanks for Breaking Our Campaigns.
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Dragon32 Nov 6 @ 10:38am 
@Alex zu Heltzer:
See "Additional Mission Types Redux"
Alex zu Heltzer Nov 5 @ 10:36pm 
Wotc plz :D
Gilgamesh Oct 5 @ 10:12am 
Just letting you know this was one of my favorite must have mods for vanilla and I am looking forward to seeing it remade ( I imagine very differently) for WotC!
taylormadetactics Sep 30 @ 10:59am 
I got one of these 3 missions in and everyone died because their weapons aim weren't up to the job even with 6 crew. maybe don't start sending in reinforcements until your down to the last two pods. Had to un-install immediately
Dragon32 Sep 9 @ 10:00am 
No, it's just you and your resistance fighter buddies in that mission type.
Sarven Sep 9 @ 7:12am 
Umm Civilians dont spawn when a haven is under siege...
mynameactually Sep 7 @ 2:30am 
@RealityMachina Nice. I had mentioned that I was upset that there wasn't any mission where you've got to go in and rescue a faction soldier or something like that. (Like how there is the mission type with the turret and more possible soldiers.) Seems like they wanted to at least. I'll be waiting to see what you put together.
necro55 Sep 2 @ 7:10pm 
Cool, looking forward to it.
Haven't gotten far into WotC yet so not up on sitrep missions.

But those defend from retaliation missions at Haven, the sieges with all the random pods coming from everywhere were awesome, hope it is still in the game somewhere, be it the xpac or your mod.
Also in EW there was that defend the base mission that adjusted based on how you built your base, something like that being added would be awesome, or is it in WotC normally and i havent gotten there yet?
RealityMachina  [author] Sep 2 @ 3:11pm 
AMT will probably end up for WotC, but in a far different form compared to the LW2/vanilla versions.

SITREPs covered a lot of what I wanted in terms of making guerilla ops more varied, and the faction leader lines referring to the cut versions of the resistance ops where a resistance hero would be on site has given me *ideas*
necro55 Sep 2 @ 1:23pm 
He siad in a different thread that he doesnt have much free tme atm, so this may be a while, but Haven Siege is one of my favorites, as was the City Center. So let's hope he isnt busy TOO long.