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JunkTown Guide!
By DogLoaf
This is a guide for the completion of junktown!
Junktown is a fun place to make your name known -- for good or for evil. If
you prefer to take the high moral road, though, you'll find it much easier (and
rewarding) in the long haul. Trust me.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Nothing much in the first area. Search everything you want, get healed by
Doc Morbid if you mind the cost. (If you want, you can go down the ladder in
the hospital and talk to the midget -- he'll tell you about Doc Morbid's rather
odd scheme. You can capitalize on that later, but I just avoid the evil doctor

2. Go north to the second part of the city and go in Darkwater's, the shop to
the east. SAVE YOUR GAME, and then talk to Killian. After you're done talking
to him, Kenji (some guy in red) will attack him; empty a clip into
Kenji and end combat. If Ian happened to get his stupid but in the way of
Killian's shots, or you accidentally hit a guard, or something terrible happens
and you end up fighting all of Junktown, you'll know why I told you to save

3. When Killian asks you to help with the Gizmo problem, say yes, and you'll
get a tape recorder and microphone.

4. Go to the Crash-House Inn and buy one night's sleep. You'll awake in the
night with the landlady screaming at you; save the game and go talk to the
crazy guy in the adjacent room. Be calm and polite to him, keep talking, and
eventually tell him he can just leave and won't be bothered. You'll get 1000xp
(and Sinthia will make it worth your while... hee hee).

5. Go north to the third part of the city and into Gizmo's casino. At the end
of the building, you'll find the big G man himself; talk to him. Take a
hypothetical situation in the conversation, get Gizmo to hire you, and ask what
his motive is. Try not to say anything stupid. When you've been asked to
leave, go back to Killian and play the tape for him. When he asks you if you
want to help take Gizmo down, say yes, and go back to the guard standing just
inside the gate to the town, Lars. Talk to Lars, and go fight Gizmo.

What I do here is basically shoot Gizmo in the eyes a few times, and if Izo
gives me any trouble I do the same for him too. This fight should end quickly.

6. Get your reward from Lars and go search Gizmo's place.

7. Find Phil and the troublesome dog in the same area of town as the casino;
if you walk up the dog with a leather jacket on, he'll think you're his owner
and come with you. If you don't have a leather jacket, give the dog a piece of
meat (you can find one in the casino), and he'll come with you. Your new
friend is Dogmeat, one of the most popular NPCs and allies in Fallout. He
won't last through the whole game, but you'll greatly enjoy the memories you'll

8. Go to the Skum Pitt north of Phil's house and go in around evening. Talk
to everybody, and soon one of the Skulz inside will start some trouble with
Trish, the waitress, and as a result loose a variety of body parts. Talk to
Trish and ask her about Saul. Talk to the singing guy, compliment him, and get
directions to the Brotherhood and Adytown. Talk to Tycho, and ask him about
the dangers of his travels, how he survived, and about his survival skills.
He'll ask if you want to learn a few pointers, agree, and you'll get a boost to
your Outdoorsmanship skills. Then tell him you're cleaning up the Skulz, and
ask him to help. Tycho rocks; you'll wish Ian would just go away after you see
how Tycho handles himself.

9. Go north of the casino and talk to Saul, the boxer. Talk to him about his
family and why he stays in Junktown. Talk about Trish, and how she feels about
him boxing. This will get you a few hundred xp.

10. Go in the Skum Pitt and rest till morning. Take the urn on the bar and go
to the Crash-House. Go in the part that the Skulz are staying in, talk to
Vinnie, and ask him if you can join. Show him the urn, say you have other
stuff to do before you kill Neal, and go talk to Lars.

11. Lars will ask you to help them bust the Skulz; agree and you'll have a
good fight. You have Tycho, Dogmeat, Ian, and about six police officers on
your side, though, and it shouldn't be too hard. When you've won, give Neal
the urn back for more xp and that's it. You're done with Junktown.
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dickcherneyprofitedofftheiraqwar Jul 20, 2016 @ 4:24am 
lol i fucked up junktown and missed fucking everything...