Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Automatic Bulldoze v2
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Mar 6, 2016 @ 8:43am
Jun 9 @ 6:01pm
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Automatic Bulldoze v2

Automatic Bulldoze v2 automatically destroys abandoned and burned buildings.
This mod is a spinoff of the original Automatic Bulldoze mod by Sadlers.

The diffrents between this and the old one:
* It supports Natural Disasters DLC (and all other DLC of course)
* A lot of code changes in order to optimize performance!
* It supports localization (en, ru, es, de, fr, pt, zh)

Information: This mode will not buldoze demolished buildings if you have 'Disaster Response Unit' building

Anyone who subscribes to this mod must to unsubscribe from the Original Automatic Bulldoze

Current version: Changelog, Source code[]

Special thanks for Jollicent for presented ND DLC.

If you like this mod and/or want to support me you can donate here:
You don't have a PayPal account? You can use link in 'Don't have a PayPal account?' section at the bottom of donation page to donate using your credit card information.
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Jun 9 @ 5:47pm
Jul 9 @ 1:42am
Bulldozer v2 not working
Mar 9, 2016 @ 3:33pm
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justinlucas155 Jul 20 @ 3:28pm 
i dont really understand how this works. when i pull up the bulldoze menu nothing appears in the bottom left about auto bulldozing anything
jeffreylb94 Jul 9 @ 4:29pm 
Doesn't work with the Mass Transit expansion. Never tried it before but just wanted to throw it out there.
Majsheppard Jul 4 @ 5:07am 
I cannot figure out how to get this to work.
xGhostFace0621x Jun 29 @ 4:08pm 
Yes. This mod does work with the current build.
Varana Jun 28 @ 2:35am 
Is this mod compatible with the last version of the game, and the last expansion Mass Transit?
Childeric Kaldor Jun 26 @ 5:55am 
This plugin won't work on first load of any scenario or game and when activated it crashes the game for me...

Probably some incompatibility with other mod I have but can't point which one yet.
笹倉友樹 Jun 26 @ 3:49am 
Working well on me!
themudfacker Jun 24 @ 9:27am 
actually ir does not work for, me, it keeps giving me the error about assets, don't know why. The first version didn't do that but did not work either.
Ancient Jun 21 @ 7:04pm 
The mod stopped working after I bought the Mass Transit DLC. I couldn't bulldoze anything, let alone anything automatic.
Tibsous Jun 14 @ 11:19am 
This mod doesn't work at all, I subscribed to it and they don't ask me if I want to destroy all the abandonned buildings when I open the bulldozer