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Homeworld Fulcrum
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Mar 2, 2016 @ 8:31pm
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Homeworld Fulcrum

NEWS: Added as of Feb 04 2017: Single player mission and vaygr heavy fighter

Homeworld Fulcrum is an alternate fan-sequel project. We take Homeworld 1 and Cataclysm as our starting point and build new art, gameplay, and story out from those, discarding all but a few starting-point elements of Homeworld 2. We have a playable skirmish mode with all new fleets, and even new mechanics such as drone frigates akin to Cataclysm's hive frigates. We also have a survival mode where you fight against ever increasing waves of enemies, and later on special extra threatening boss ships.

We have over 40 fully modeled and textured ships from a variety of contributors. However, new players should be aware that our planned ship lists are large and to fill out the gameplay we've put placeholder models in many roles. These range from untextured rectangles to partially finished actual models. If you're playing the survival mode you have the option of only fighting ships with finished art, though you can still build placeholder ships yourself if you choose to.

Another focus of the mod is its story content. Packaged with the mod is our own Historical and Technical Briefing patterned after Homeworld 1's manual. Download this documentation separately at this link[hwat.pathstoeat.com]. Like the mod itself this document is not finished but already contains lots of information on our expansion of the setting. 100 years have passed since Cataclysm, so there's plenty of new events to cover. Development of the manual and future playable story content is ongoing.

Join our steam group if you want notifications of updates or community events.

KNOWN ISSUE: In making it possible to translate the mod to other languages, we sort-of broke text in those langauges. If you want to see full english text instead of numbers, run the mod with "-locale english" in the mod command line arguments box(without the quotes). If you want to help us put together a proper translation for your langauge, just let us know.
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rambo2525 Apr 30 @ 12:16pm 
Just click view all under the popular discussions above and on the right hand side of the next page there will be a :start discussion" button in blue. Thats it.
rayyork93 Mar 28 @ 12:02pm 
ummm im not sure on how to make a discussion thread TBH
EatThePath  [author] Mar 28 @ 10:29am 
@rayyork93: That's fine, or you could make a discussion thread about it, I'd be happy to talk that way.
rayyork93 Mar 27 @ 10:58pm 
hey EatThePath is it alright if i send you a friend request i wanted to talk a little more about the mod itself
mainly about the Lore behind it
rayyork93 Mar 24 @ 11:15pm 
annd sorry for the spelling errors
rayyork93 Mar 24 @ 11:15pm 
holy hell this is fucking awsome i love the look of all of the new taces especially the Hiigarans and the Frrn?(im not sure if im spelling it right please let me know if if am) the single player missioe was awsome and i look forward to seeing the other races campaighns as well
now onto the survival maps: awsome but could use some improvement namely in the resources department, maybe setting the Bounty system(if thats what you are useing) to give at least 75% of the total worth of the units killed may help
other wise this is a fucking awsome mod and i look forward to more updates
firewolf778 Feb 27 @ 8:06am 
@EatThePath: I don't know if it's due to my AMD video card, it seems to stop many classic/remastered mods from working due to the atioglxx.dll bug but that may not be the case here. I tried every key on my keyboard to open the build que in case it was a mismapped key, but to no avail. I tried it on every map as well. IT may just need reinstalling, but i figured i might ask first to see if there was a known issue, thanks for trying to recreate it.
Losanda Feb 8 @ 10:25am 
Just played through the mission! Great job, some of the voice acting is... let's say adorable but overall, keep it up!!! Looking forward to more!
EatThePath  [author] Feb 5 @ 2:59am 
@Everyone: is up, with a mission now playable.

@Firewolf: It my not look like you have a builder ship, but if you hit the build hotkey (B) it should be possible to create some ships. I just tested it on the bridge of death map, if it's still not working for you please let me know what map you're trying on.
firewolf778 Feb 4 @ 7:42pm 
Either im blind or im doing something wrong. On the survival maps, i spawn in with no ships nor do I have the ability to build ships. The build que is completely empty, research que is gone and i cant find any way to spawn my first ship.