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The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

Mar 1 @ 12:01am
Mar 10 @ 10:53am
Shadowverse is a strategic multiplayer digital card game, and the first major title in which a tightly knit story comes together with action-packed card battles. Players can choose from seven protagonists, each with their own special set of cards including followers, spells, and field relics. The spotlight feature of Shadowverse is evolving: all follower cards hold the potential to gain attack, defense, and a host of tactical effects.
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Sep 13 @ 7:46pm
This game has been CENSORED
King Arthur
Sep 4 @ 10:59am
Please dual audio option on Steam, the English dub is crap
Aug 25 @ 10:02pm
DO NOT link your account to the Japanese client!
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Zero Sep 23 @ 5:57am 
支持你,希望能出中文版,希望能尽快玩到 :)
thisanimefpsshooter Sep 19 @ 9:18am 
leapdroid works great but game looks like crap
Depsyy Sep 19 @ 2:58am 
Can confirm that this works great on LeapDroid emulator.
Loki Sep 14 @ 9:43am 
Use LeapDroid no crash, no bug
Concobhar Sep 14 @ 8:41am 
Cant wait for this to come out. The game keeps crashing for me on Bluestacks.
LordBlane Sep 13 @ 8:07am 
It's taking forever to come :/.
gravey Sep 12 @ 6:34pm 
it's been 6 months since the release on mobile, hopefully we don't have to wait another 6 months for shadowverse on pc :/
TripleExit Sep 12 @ 1:29am 
Stay up to date on news at the subreddit!
thisanimefpsshooter Sep 11 @ 8:15pm 
btw i belive the dmm version is browser only soo making a pc cliant could take a while. i belive that the pc version in jp a browser style if im not mastaking. sorry for the lazy XD
Surfilicious Sep 11 @ 8:12pm 
Still waitin' .-.