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SQUAD Console Commands (Uptaded Alpha 9.4)
By tsuney

By default, you can open your console ingame by pressing ~ or ² key. Admin Commands can be use by anyone at the firing range
Admin Commands
Open your console ingame by pressing ² key.
The console is available as a single line or multi-line (~ or ² key when you are in single line).

There is "auto completion" in the console, that means you just have to type the first letter of the command to have access of all the commands available.

An example of the "auto completion" commands

AdminAddCameraman <NameOrId> : Add a player to the camera man list

AdminAllKitsAvailable <Enabled 1/0> : Sets the server to ignore kit restrictions

AdminAlwaysValidPlacement <Enabled 1/0> : Sets the server to ignore placement
rules for deployables

AdminBan "<NameOrSteamIds>" "<BanLength>" <Ban Reason> : Bans a player from
the server for a lengh of time : 0=Perm, 1d=1Day, 1m=1 month, etc)

AdminBanById <PlayerID> "<BanLength>" <Ban Reason> : Bans player with Id from
the server

AdminBroadCast <Message> : Send System message to all players on the server

AdminChangeMap <MapName> : Change the map an travel to it immediately

AdminDemoPlay <FileName> : Play Back the demo recording, must have file from

AdminDemoRec <FileName> : Records gameplay, you must run this first

AdminDemoStop : Stops recording and saves the demo to disk

AdminDisableVehicleClaiming <Enabled 1/0> : Sets the server to disable vehicle

AdminEndMatch : Tell the server to immediately end the match

AdminForceNetUpdateOnClientSaturation <Enabled 0/1> : If ture, when a connection
becomes saturated, all remaining actors that couldn't complete replication will have
ForceNetUpdate called on

AdminKick "<NameOrSteamId>" <KickReason> : Kicks a player from the server

AdminKickByID "<PlayerId>" <KickReason> : Kicks a player with Id from the server

AdminKillServer <Force0/1> : Tells the server to stop execution

AdminKillServer <Force0/1> : Tells the server to stop execution

AdminListDisconnectedPlayers : List recently disconnected player ids with associated
player name an SteamID

AdminNetTestStop : AdminNetTestStop (Stops the network test)

AdminPauseMatch : Tell the server to put the match on hold

AdminProfileServer <SecondsToProfile> <bUseRaw> : Starts Profiling on the server
for a fixed length of time, after which the profiling data is saved to disk

AdminRestartMatch : Tell the server to restart the match

AdminSetMaxNumPlayers <NumPlayers> : Set the maximum number of players for
this server

AdminSetNextMap <NameMap> : Set the next map to travel to after this match ends

AdminSetNumReservedSlots : Set the number of reserved player

AdminSetServerPassword <Password> : Set the password for a server or use "" to
remove it

AdminSlomo <TimeDilation> : Set the clock speed on the server 0.1 is 10% of normal
speed 2.0 is twice the normal speed

AdminSpawnActor <Index> : Create an Actor for testing (Currently unavailable, Devs

AdminStats : Retrieve stats from the server

AdminUnpauseMatch : Tell the server to take off the old

ApproveVehicleClaim : As a squad leader, tries to approve a vehicle claim made by a
squad member attempting to enter a vehicle

ChatToAdmin : ChatToAdmin <Message> (Send system message to all admins on the
server). Same as all the other chats, but only admins sees it.

TraceViewToggle : Runs a trace from center of en out to any objects and displays
information about that objects

Public Commands
ChangeTeams : Change teams to the other side

ChangeTeamsWithId <NewTeam> : Change teams to the specified team number,
zero changes to the other side

Chat <Message> : <ChatType=All|Teams|Squad> : Broadcast chat message

ChatToAdmin <Message> : Send System message to all admins on the server

ChatToAll <Message> : Chat to everyone

ChatToSquad <Message> : Chat only to same squad

ChatToTeam <Message> : Chat only to same team

CreateReallyPoint : Drop a rally point for squad members to spawn from

CreateSquad <Name> : Request the creation of a squad, specifying the name

DisabledHudWidgets : Removes all widgets on the HUD

DisabledUI : Removes the UI components from the screen

Disconnect : Disconnect from server

GiveUp : Die and give up being wounded

HighResShot <Resolution/Multiplier> : take a screen shot,e.G. "HighResShot
3840x2160" or "HighResShot 4"

JoinSquadWithID <Id> : Join a squad on our team with the following Id

JoinSquadWithName <Name> : Join a squad on our team with the following name

LeaveSquad : Leave the squad we are currently

ListCommands <ShowDetail 0/1> : Prints outs the information for all commands in the

ListPlayers : List play ids with associate player name and SteamID

r.SetRes <Resolution> :Change screen resolution, r.setres 1920x1080f

Reconnect : Reconnects to previous server

ShowCommandInfo <CommandName> : Prints out the details of a particular

ShowNextMap : Ask the server what the next map is

Stat FPS : Draw frame rate on screen

Stat Unit : Draws game, draw, and gpu times on screen

Suicide : Causes the Player to commit suicide
Admin Camera
Shift + P : Turn on/off

w,a,s,d : Move

Shift : Move quicker

Space : Go Up

CTRL : Go Down

Scroll Wheel : Forward = Faster Camera Pan / Backwards = Slower Camera Pan

0 : Info Display

1 : Speed

2 : Zoom

F : Blur

6,7,8,9 : Spectator Tools
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nah May 21 @ 9:38am 
Thanks bro easy way to show new admins the ropes
tsuney  [author] May 15 @ 9:05am 
New version of the guide is up !
catindabox Oct 29, 2016 @ 8:59pm 
You should just change the title to "Squad Console Commands"
Cohnway Oct 25, 2016 @ 8:20am 

You should add "Admindisablevehicleclaiming <Value [0/1]>" to the list when you can. Really helpful when testing vehicles out on different maps solo.