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Witch House
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 22 @ 9:55am
Mar 11 @ 10:35am
Release date: 2017

Horror mystery meets turn-based tactics in Witch House. Oversee your team of courageous investigators as they solve supernatural crimes, and in the process acquire new skills and armaments to prepare for the coming apocalypse.

Scour haunted mansions and ancient ruins for clues and artifacts. Sneak past, or confront and battle, terrible monsters beyond human reckoning. Challenge your perseverance and ingenuity to uncover and foil villainous schemes before they come to horrible fruition.

Immerse yourself in the mad depths of the prohibition era as you trek across the haunted Miskatonic Valley in New England, 1926.

The stars are aligning, hastening the arrival of a dark hour that thins the veil between worlds. Mad scientists toil to open trans-dimensional portals, while sinister cults conduct occult rituals to unleash horrors from another space and time.

Agents of the Armitage paranormal investigation agency have been recalled to Arkham, from fields diverse as exorcists, magicians and mobsters, in a bid to unravel the coalescing forces threatening the stability of our civilisation.

  • Procedural generation: Explore a new combination of terrain, items and enemies on every case you embark.

  • Varied Environments: Investigate the haunting locales of Arkham, the mysterious Miskatonic Valley, and beyond into alien dreamscapes.

  • Living Story: Experience non-linear tale of supernatural greed, betrayal and madness, while making persistent decisions that will stay with your journey.

  • Assemble your team: Select, train and arm your investigators to suit your play style.

  • Character development: Your team will acquire new skills, reveal personality traits and secret histories over time.

  • Gothic atmosphere: Embark on adventure in a world of moody pulp noir imagery.

In this dangerous world, encounter deadly denizens from other dimensions, and deadlier dames causing distress.

  • When will the game be out? We plan to enter Early Access by Q3 of 2016, followed by the full release in Q4.

  • What platforms will be supported? The initial release will cover PC, Mac and Linux.

  • What are the system requirements? Although it's too early to determine specifics, we are aiming for a minimum of a contemporary Macbook Air or its PC equivalent.

  • Who are we? Wombat and Frog is an indie developer based in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Do we have a press kit? Yes we do![].

We are only here thanks to your support and desire to make this amazing project happen. The Wombat and Frog team looks forward to collaborating with you on making our best game possible!

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The art is really awesome, I'd really love to play this. The gameplay is interesting.
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@Legatus Thanks for your support, and certainly under consideration - stay tuned~
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Awesnome.Will the Russian language in the plans?
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amazing design!
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Looks really nice, nice art
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This looks like it could be a fun game. I can't wait to try it.