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Fat Cook
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 18, 2016 @ 10:23am
Feb 25, 2016 @ 3:07pm
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Fat Cook is all but done!
Fat Cook beta v5 is alive and kicking
Release date: Q1 2016
Fat Cook is a puzzle-platformer that follows the adventures of a brave man on a mission to cook a meal that will save all of mankind. The Chef must roam the empty City using his jumping skills and wits in order to collect all of the ingredients written down on a mysterious letter he found in the basement of his restaurant.

On the night when the Cook falls through the floor of his restaurant he finds a letter which predicts his fall and the situation that surrounds him. The author of the letter is surprisingly aware that the city streets are abandoned, and that many people have turned into cyborgs. The author, who appears to be the Cook's friend, sends him of to a quest to find the ingredients of a secret recipe that will help save him and all of mankind.

Throughout the game the Cook reveals other letters that his unnamed friend has left him. They contain clues which guide him to hidden ingredients that he needs to collect in order to prepare the secret recipe. However, these ingredients aren't the only things he discovers. After many surprises and adventures the Cook solves the biggest mystery - the identity of the "Friend" and how he came to know what lies in the future.

  • over 30 base levels with at least 20 more to be released after the game
  • various power-ups that will help you slow down time, give you strength, invulnerability
  • social networks integration that will allow you to share your progress with friends
  • secret rooms for you to find and explore
  • multi platform support (PC/Mac/Linux/Mobile)

PC / Android / iOS

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Congrats on being greenlit! Love the game, thanks!
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good work man
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Nice game
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Nice game
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Nice game.