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Extra Synergies Classes (v.154)
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Feb 16, 2016 @ 10:54am
Jan 30 @ 2:33pm
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Extra Synergies Classes (v.154)

Assassin, Druid and Monk classes for SynergiesMod.

Mod that provides new classes that are geared for play with the SynergiesMod. This mod needs to be loaded before the SynergiesMOD in order to work correctly. Note that this mod is not compatible with other mods that provide classes with the same names (like a monk class). If you want to try to get that to work, load the mod you want active before the other mods (not guaranteed to work). If you want to play these classes outside of Synergies, use this mod instead.

If you do not use Steam, it may be downloaded from moddb here. Note that the downloads on this site may not be as current as the version on steam.

Monk Class

Included in this is my Monk class that was published first as a separate mod.

Monk is considered done at this point but items may be changed or balancing as needed.

The monk has Martial, Sun and Moon skills. The martial skills focus on bare handed combat. The sun skills focus on fire damage and the moon skills focus ice damage as well as improved health and survivability.

Assassin Class

In addition to the Monk, this mod provides an Assassin class. The Assassin skills are based on surprise attacks, poison damage and laying traps. The choice weapons of the Assassin include claws, swords and throwing knives.

Assassin is done and balanced. There may be some more tweaks and bug fixes if needed, but I do not plan to do any more work on this class. I did a full run through with a hybrid traps/shuriken build and I'm happy with it.

The assassin has Martial, Toxin and Trap skills. The Martial skills focus on physical and stealth based skills. The Toxin tree has mostly poison based skills. The Trap skills focus on bombs, traps and sentries.

Druid Class

The druid class focuses on the three skill tiers of Shapeshifting, Nature and Summoning. Although not possible to permanently shapeshift, the druid will use skills to attack as a werewolf temporarily.

The druid is done and mostly balanced. There are no great tier 1 items for it yet, but that will be one of my next steps.



The Monk character icons come from the FarEast mod Monk icons.
The Druid character icons are currently borrowing the Synergies Ranger icons (I'd love to have someone submit new ones if you have the skills!)
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404U.N.F. May 20 @ 10:58pm 
@drewrobi found out that when killing enemies with a skill active on monk class crashes the game. I think General passives are conflicting with it as i merged them to try to make them work. so yea, can you find the problem? thank you in advance.
drewrobi  [author] May 1 @ 3:24pm 
As of the moment, really just usage of synergies files. Also, some flat damage skills will get a magic stat bonus for damage to help scale end game that the non-synergies version does not have.
]Pure Blind[ Apr 30 @ 1:26am 
What is the difference between the synergies class versions and the non synergies ones?
Valzt Apr 27 @ 1:09am 
Sure, I hope there's an update soon.
drewrobi  [author] Apr 26 @ 8:14pm 
@Valzt - thanks, I'll see if I can fix the sound.
Valzt Apr 26 @ 4:31am 
I really love the assassin class, but the skill which increase movement and attack speed (forgot what it's called, adrenaline something) use female sound even though my character is a male.
Argenti09 Apr 16 @ 3:44pm 
do they bug online when playing with other people?
drewrobi  [author] Mar 30 @ 8:44am 
@jurrasicpunk - I can have a look at wolf strike. There are possibly some settings I can tweak that I'm not as familiar with that may help with closing distance and movement for the skill. As for the going up hills and around obsticles, I don't think that is something I can control. The modding for this game doesn't allow code, only configuration, so there is a limited amount of things I can do.

Thanks for the feedback
jurrasicpunk Mar 18 @ 6:06pm 
Wanted to give some feedback on the druid class regarding the shapeshifting skills. Mainly Wolf Strike and Leap.

Love the idea you are going with, and the model for the wolf form is amazing. (Was that in the game somewhere or did you build that from scratch?) Anyway, Wolf Strike feels a little unresponsive with how it requires the targeting/facing/be on top of a mob. When you are slashing about it feels awesome, but then you get that wierd moment where your character is just standing there doing nothing because you are just out of the cone of view or not quiet close enough. Would it be possible to make it not require a target to use?

Leap on the other hand looks great and feels great to use, but it's having issues going up hills and around certain obsticles. Though, now that I think about it, that might be a game limitation
emptyxd Feb 7 @ 5:13pm 
hello, is there a way to get new "fist" weapons for the monk?