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Tank Hunter Tactics
By Shamefurr Dispray
Some hints and tips for getting the best out of the Soviet Tank Hunter commander.

If you're fed up of the Axis tank spam strategy, then look no further, this commander is for you! A core of PTRS conscripts supported by MG's and later mortars + tanks will effectively deal with any OKW or Wehrmacht blob.

Conscripts themselves can throw regular AT grenades, flank with PTRS rifles and through AT nade bundles. The PTRS rifles themselves also perform adequately against infantry, but beware of enemy Snipers.
2CP - RPG-40 Anti-Tank Grenade Assault
When combined with regular AT grenades (unlockable from the base) and PTRS rifles, this passive ability is useful. A combination of the 3 items listed above is a surefire way to knock out even the heaviest tanks if you use 2/3 squads of conscripts. Make sure you deal with any enemy infantry that are supporting the tank, however.
2CP - PMD-6M Anti Tank Mines
At 5 munitions per mine, this is a very affordable way to ensure that any vehicles enroaching on your territory take a severe beating. They are best used to deny chokepoints and victory points to the enemy. Make sure you either build a munition cache or stockpile some munitions, as you will need them for the conscript PTRS package.

It's best to build these when there is a lull in the fighting, but remember to cover your troops whilst they work anyways.

Note that both Conscripts and Combat Engineers can build the mines, which is highly beneficial as this is a Conscript heavy commander.
3CP - Conscript PTRS Package
For 50 munitions, you can upgrade your Conscript squad to carry two PTRS anti-tank rifles. This is one of the main reasons to choose this commander, as a blob of approximately 5/6 Conscript squads with these rifles is deadly. They are even more so if you micromanage them correctly.

The PTRS itself is excellent against light vehicles, and so flame halftracks should not be a problem. However, when grouped together, the high damage output of the PTRS makes for an efficient infantry killer.

Against heavier vehicles, strategy is required. Engage any enemy infantry that are supporting the tank and then flank the tank with a couple of squads. Make sure they fire their first PTRS volley, then throw a regular AT nade. After the second volley, throw the commander specific grenades.

If you have any tanks (T-34's or SU-85's), combined armed tactics are very effective. Your tanks can distract the enemies tanks and allow your conscripts to close the distance.

Remember that researching the regular AT grenade from the main base is vital, as it can stun enemy vehicles and may even knock out their engine.
3CP - Engineer Salvage Kits
This is a rather interesting ability, as for 100 munitions you can upgrade your Engineers with a salvage kit that returns resources from enemy vehicle wrecks. As your core early - midgame unit wields a PTRS rifle, armour heavy Axis players will be punished. Fuel and Munitions can then be retrieved from knocked out tanks.

Do not lose your Engineer squad, as you will have to pay another 100 munitions + the manpower cost of an Engineer squad to replace them (if you wish to salvage more vehicles). Cover your Engineers whilst they carry out their task - poor micromanagement will kill your Engineers, good micromanagement can reward you with enough fuel and/or munitions for more PTRS upgrades or tanks of your own.

Consider building a second Engineer squad, as if you need to construct a building at HQ this second squad can be called back instead. Upgrading it with a flamethrower may be feasible, as this commander lacks building clearing abilities.
10CP - IL-2 PTAB Anti-Tank Bombing Run
This late game ability can be used to devastating effect, and is ideally used as a prelude to a full on assault (although you can also use it to help out a teammate in a sticky situation). The bombing run itself damages all targets, but is best used against German armour, as it does significant damage to most Panzers and also stuns them.

This is very useful, as whilst their armour is stunned you can move in with tanks of your own or conscripts with PTRS rifles.

180 munitions is a decent price for this ability (although it is not as cost effective as a well placed Stormtrooper + Close the Pocket).

You will be relying on your teammates for heavy armour and elite infantry capabilities, as this commander offers none. Instead, it provides an effective method for killing enemy tanks and blobs/spam.

Early game, the main objective is to take an hold any key points with your conscripts. As soon as you can, support them with an MG and/or a mortar and once you hit 3 Command Points, upgrade your conscripts. They are most effective when in cover and at longer range - if you are having trouble dealing with an enemy who likes to engage you at close range, bring a flamethrower or position an MG in reserve.

Mid game, you may want to produce an M5 halftrack (perhaps with an AA package if you fear more Axis infantry) so that your conscripts can reinforce in the field. I would advise against building light armour as you want to save your fuel for T-34's and SU-85's. Unlike the AEC, which arrives earlier, the T70 is likely to be destroyed if you try harassing the enemy with it.

In the late game, you want to be producing as many T-34's and SU-85's as possible. Replace any consript squads if necessary. If you are having trouble with enemy fortifications, consider building a Katyusha.

PTRS conscript assaults, supported by armour, should be more than capable of taking on the Axis in the late game. Any mortars or MG's that remain can be used to support you or your teammates.
A build that seems to be working effectively for me is:

6x Conscripts (with PTRS upgrade)

1-2x Maxim HMG

1x Mortar crew

2-3x T-34

1-2x SU-85

1x Katyusha (optional)
Any commander with a heavy tank (KV series, IS-2) call in is an ideal counterpart. The NKVD's propaganda ability also has some synergy with this commander, as it forces a retreat.

Shock troops are also a useful asset for their close range assault abilities, something that this commander lacks.

The partisan commander is another decent choice, but only use it if you know the enemy will focus on armour, as your heaviest regular tank will be the T-34/76.
Overall, this commander is an excellent counter to Axis heavy tank / Panzerschreck infantry / Obersoldaten spam. It is not as good all round as commanders like Advanced Warfare Tactics or NKVD Tactics, but it has its uses.

If you do not research the regular AT grenade, then you are not using this commander to its fullest potential. Molotovs can also be researched if you wish to improve your ability to clear buildings, and flamethrower upgrades will deter the enemy from rushing to engage your conscripts at close range.
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Pink Omega Mar 13, 2016 @ 5:18am 
Salvage kit get MP, MU abd FU
omar_uav Mar 10, 2016 @ 1:03pm 
in the photo on introduciton someoen in background dropped the game
Julius Mar 8, 2016 @ 4:10am 
you could add that the Grenade assault does not destroy the engine of a vehicle and that the PTRS is still effective against infantry(unlike other anti-tank weapons).
Mr_Underscore Mar 6, 2016 @ 1:41pm 
Good guide, very to the point. The Antitank bombing run is actually also very good vs okw hq's they almost destroy it.
Athenaios Mar 6, 2016 @ 1:27am 
This commander are not so good, relic and sega must fix it with another patch, i hope,
Womb Raider ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Mar 5, 2016 @ 6:38pm 
I used this commander before reading this guide and although I was using it wrong, it was still effective. He is definitely right about how you must research the anti tank grenade combined with the AT nade ability for maximum result.
TUZÃO, O VERME Mar 5, 2016 @ 2:32pm 
Great guide. There were many insights described by you that I had already accomplished. Not diminishing your merit in any way I must say: It works formidably well.
Womb Raider ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Mar 3, 2016 @ 7:27am 
I have used this guide with very effective results. Thank you!