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Osttruppen Doctrine
By Shamefurr Dispray
Some hints and tips for getting the best out of the Wehrmacht's Osttruppen commander.

Despite lacking a heavy tank, tank destroyer or elite infantry call in; this commander is one of the more popular choices for Wehrmacht/Ostheer players. Its effectiveness lies in using your cheap infantry well, supporting them with the necessary units when they are threatened. The railway artillery ability is also particularly useful.
OCP - Osttruppen

Osttruppen are available as soon as you start the game - this gives you an advantage over the Allied players that you will encounter. For 200 manpower, a six man squad armed with Kar98k rifles can be immediately called in to the battlefield. Ideally, you will want to build 5-6 Osttruppen early on.

Osttruppen are best used in the early game to cap important Victory and choke points. Use your starting Pioneer to assist in this endeavour. Once this has been achieved, you must ensure that your Osttruppen are either in cover or garrisoned otherwise they will be slaughtered - Ostruppen are very ineffective when fighting in the open.

One exception to this is when using the Panzerfaust ability - if a light vehicle is seriously threatening your position, then it is best to ensure it is taken out, even if you lose some infantrymen in the process. After all, you just traded some cheap infantry for a unit that cost manpower + fuel.

Another is if you need a meatshield to distract an enemy MG whilst another squad flanks it, although this is not an ideal situation.

If you are playing a team game, it might be beneficial to send a couple of Osttruppen squads to garrison important locations that your teammates are defending from the enemy.

Another use for Osttruppen is to recrew abandoned support weapons (such as machine guns or mortars), as they are fairly cheap to resupply. Any dropped items like MG34's or Panzerschrecks can give your Osttruppen some utility.

Later on in the game, Osttruppen can be used to cap quiet sectors of the map, bypassing the main enemy force. It would be wise to scout the area beforehand however, and keep some units in reserve ready to support your Osttruppen should things heat up. They can also be used to support tanks in a combined arms assault, but Panzergrenadiers are better suited to this role.
1CP - Artillery Field Officer

Available at 1CP, the Artillery field officer is a useful unit, but not an essential one. The officer himself is accompanied by 3 grenadier bodyguards (with Kar98k rifles) and is available for 240 manpower.

The main reason for calling in a field officer is the concentrated fire ability; this enables your troops to fire faster and more accurately for a period of time. With so many cheap Osttruppen squads on the map, this boost is very beneficial. As this commander doesn't offer any munitions sinks until the late game, it is possible to use it repeatedly to great effect.

Another useful ability is the Artillery Smoke Barrage - this is ideal for covering troop movements, whether they be retreats, assaults or flanking manoeuvres on emplacements.
2CP - Trenches

Available at 2 Command Points, trenches enable infantry to make their own cover - if none is available. However, trenches are vulnerable to flamethrowers and bombardment by artillery/mortars.

For Osttruppen in particular, this ability has some use. In open maps that offer little in the way of cover, trenches can help defend key positions. However, as they are unlocked at 2CP you will have to find other methods to keep your troops alive when taking and holding the points in the earlier stages of the game. An MG42 is an ideal partner for Osttruppen, enabling them to easily take pot shots at suppressed infantry.

Remember that units such as Shock Troops, Penal Battalions, Commandos and Assault Engineers are ideal counters to trenches and emplacements in general. In most cases, I have been able to rapidly destroy unsupported trenches/emplacements with these sort of units.
3CP - Supply Drop Zone

This ability is only useful when you cannot build any fuel/munitions caches for some reason (e.g constant harassment by Partisans). In return for a manpower investment, you gain munitions/fuel - but you must ensure your units collect the supply crates, otherwise the enemy will eventually pick them up instead.
12CP - Railway Artillery Support

The final commander ability, the Railway Artillery Support calls in a barrage of 3 Schwerer Gustav shells at a cost of 200 munitions.

Don't use the artillery against highly mobile targets, as there is a delay between the flares falling and the artillery itself firing. This gives most units a chance to escape.

Instead, call it in on heavily guarded areas, such as chokepoints that contain a lot of enemy emplacements and support weapon teams. If you want to do even more damage, you can attempt to bait the enemy by assaulting a different sector, and then calling in artillery on units and/or emplacements in a different sector.

Overall, this ability is ideal for clearing out a stubborn defender who has turtled on a particular point. Once the artillery has fired, assaulting the position should usually be successful.
The Osttruppen commander lacks any armour call ins, weapons packages or elite infantry. Therefore, it is important that you attempt to control the map right from the start. Osttruppen are ideal for garrisoning buildings or defending points en masse.

With masses of cheap infantry, you can rush the major chokepoints on the map and cap a lot of territory early on. Your Osttruppen may not cap as fast as regular infantry, but you have a numerical advantage.

If you can afford the manpower cost, an MG42 and/or mortar can help to support your early game Ostruppen.

Teching up should be a priority, as Panzergrenadiers and the flame half track are very useful units to have on the battlefield with this commander. For AT abilities, the Panzergrenadiers can be upgraded with Panzerschrecks. The combination of half track + assault infantry should give you the strength necessary to maintain control of the point and/or help your team capture other areas of interest.

Once you have the fuel, obtaining a Stug or Panzer IV is a good choice, as these can help any pushes into enemy territory.

The heaviest tank in your arsenal, the Panther, should be recruited as soon as you have the necessary resources. Remember that it is not invincible and should be supported at all times. A lone ISU-152 for example could easily take it out otherwise.

I have found that Penal Battalions (flamethrowers + satchel charges) and Rear Echelons with flamethrowers to be effective against this commander. A flamethrower unit, supported by a couple of rifles or conscripts, should overwhelm any Ostruppen unless they are supported by a well placed MG.

The Advanced Warfare tactics commander (Shock Troops, KV-8), Special Weapons Regiment (Tank Hunters, Crocodile) and Rifle Company (Flamethrowers, White Phosphorous + recon flares) are good choices against this commander.
A build I have found to be somewhat effective is the following:

Osttruppen x 5-6

MG42 x 1

Panzergrenadiers x 2-3

Panzerschreck upgrade x 1-2

Half-Track x 1, with flamethrower upgrade

Stug x 1

Pioneers x 1

PzIV x 1-2

Panther x1
Commanders that compliment Osttruppen well are the following:

Fortified Armour doctrine (hull down tanks, Elefant support)
Spearhead Doctrine (mortar truck and Tiger call in)
Encirclement Doctrine (closing the pocket is pretty overpowered now and Ostruppen + Stormtroopers can easily backcap points)
Mechanized Assault Doctrine (lots of armour call ins)
Any decent commander with a Tiger call in
To summarise, the Osttruppen commander is a good choice for anyone who wants a more Soviet oriented playstyle - lots of cheap infantry to do early capping, followed by combined arms tactics.
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Field Marshal Insert Name Jul 27 @ 8:53am 
i find that building numerous artillery units such as mortars and rocket artillery supported by the artillery officers abilities to be highly effective and acquiring an ostwind for anti infantry capabilities is very useful
2nd member of the weeb crew Mar 15, 2016 @ 8:26pm 
All units cap at the same rate except kubel. Otherwise great guide.
Wunderwaffle Mar 11, 2016 @ 7:08am 
I keep having trouble with flamethrowers, they rek my troops
Golden Wolf Mar 11, 2016 @ 12:19am 
You have a little error, Advanced Warfare Tactics does not have these abillities. You ment Terror Tactics ; )
Goat Mar 9, 2016 @ 2:32pm 
i alwasy use command bunker near, but not too close, to the VP/strongpoint where most of your ostruppen are
blade_runner Mar 8, 2016 @ 7:53am 
I dont do flame half track because you can reinforce osttruppen faster.I use it to reinforce.
Kronk the Gay Jellyfish Mar 7, 2016 @ 9:20am 
I use Osttruppen to be able to rely heavier on support weapons earlygame, incredibly useful if you manage to steal enemy supportweps earlygame.
☭Patrykblack7☭ Mar 6, 2016 @ 12:24am 
This guide should end at
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