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Stop Wasting My Time
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Feb 9, 2016 @ 9:51pm
Jan 29 @ 3:11am
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Stop Wasting My Time

In 1 collection by BlueRaja
Quality of Life / UI Improvements
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Speeds up the game by removing pointless pauses and other time-wasters.
All changes are purely cosmetic.

Combat changes:
  • Removed various pauses:
    • After shooting, throwing grenades, abilities, etc.
    • After getting a kill
    • After going into cover
    • Reanimating corpses and unburrowing chryssalids
    • Revealed enemies cinematic time
  • Removed some unskippable Bradford voiceovers:
    • 1, 3, and 6 turns remaining warnings
    • Civilians dying warning
  • Increased Gremlin movement speed by 150%
  • Removed 33% slowdown of enemies not being attacked during overwatch slowmo (enemies being attacked are unaffected)

Non-combat changes:
  • Increased the speed of the Avenger on the global map
  • Reduced the fade-in time of the horrendously slow color picker


Other recommended mods:


Compatible with Long War 2!

Classes Overridden (why do I care?):
  • (non-essential) UIColorChip.uc
  • (non-essential) X2Action_EndCinescriptCamera.uc
  • (non-essential) X2Action_EnterCover.uc
  • (non-essential) X2Action_MoveDirect.uc

Thanks to IphStich for figuring out how to speed up the Gremlins (and contributing the code)!
Thanks to tracktwo for figuring out how to shut Bradford up!
Thanks to MINERAL-115, Ttack, and Joshimodo for contributing logos!

The source code for all my mods can be found on GitHub[github.com]

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admbraden 10 hours ago 
I just tried a LW2 campaign and was getting the cinematics, not sure why, trying a vanilla to see if it's something to do with new enemies added
TTack  [author] 23 hours ago 
@Michlo If mod features are clearly missing, it is probably not working.
RainingMetal Jun 26 @ 6:35pm 
Any way of disabling enemy units pointing? It's yet another waste of time after every turn (especially when said unit is a Faceless), so I'd appreciate this mod even more if such a feature were in play.
Michlo Jun 26 @ 5:53pm 
Oh and nor is Bradford quiet about civliian deaths during retaliation missions.
Michlo Jun 26 @ 5:46pm 
Thanks, BlueRaja. It must be a conflict then as I've tried with and without and there is no discernible difference. :(

I'm surprised the ones I have would conflict, though. I have Evac All, Overwatch All and Full Customization of Characters. That's all.

BlueRaja  [author] Jun 23 @ 4:36pm 
@Michlo: No, it's still working. It may be a mod conflict, or perhaps you just don't notice the changes.
Michlo Jun 23 @ 4:32pm 
Greetings. Is this supposed to be working now? I just installed it yesterday for the first time and as others have said, I'm not seeing a difference. :(

Was it broken by a patch?

twboydii Jun 23 @ 12:05pm 
thank you!
CoffeinC8H10N4O2 Jun 15 @ 10:00am 
thank a lot!
IIIFAN Jun 15 @ 1:54am 
thanks a lot ,this mod can save my life time~