Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Training - Spaceport
Game Mode: Classic, Training
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Feb 8, 2016 @ 10:31am
Mar 15, 2017 @ 11:19am
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Training - Spaceport


AKA The map that makes you headshot faster than saying "Boom Headshot"


Casual or Competitive?

Launch it on Casual.

What's the point of that map?

The whole map is focussed on fast aiming, fast reactions and headshots

I can't see the bots very well, what can I do?

In the room you spawn there's a panel with colors on it... well shoot the color you want them to use.

I don't get it... how do I get in the arena again?

There's a teleporter right behind the green field, just step on it.

If I exit the map then play an other, I can only get into CT and all bots are Ts, did I miss something?

Yup, you need to head back to the spawn room and use the Auto Destruct button (button with a nuclear logo), break the glass and press 'E' on it

So, harmless bots?

Yes, they only have a knife and don't use it, seems dumb, but that's the fastest way to train your aim... to shot at their head.

Why the map is themed like that?

It was Duke Nukem 3D 20th anniversary a month before the release of this map.

Where is it?

On a Space Station genius... you got other questions like that?

This map is bad

That's not a question, and now I'll rip your head off and♥♥♥♥♥♥down your neck!

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i cant play
thaithson [TH]
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SWAG Oct 29, 2017 @ 7:52am 
cant play the damn map
Amazing Pow Jun 25, 2017 @ 8:04pm 
LT. CMR. Data Jun 25, 2017 @ 2:58pm 
For those with the TOO MANY COMMANDS prompt, when you load into the map on the team selection screen do "bot_kick" in console then spawn in. You will have to add the bots back with the panel but at least it works.
wRw! He_04kyu Jun 15, 2017 @ 3:26am 
shapeshifter Jun 14, 2017 @ 9:39pm 
si funciona solo t ienes que ir a otro de zool's mapas de entrenamiento y despues intenta otra ves este mapa @LLavallol City
LLavallol City Jun 4, 2017 @ 10:12pm 
no funciona
L. May 31, 2017 @ 10:10am 
very good map ,my favourite but i can't play this a lot of errors :( , can You Do something with that ?
THE WHITE May 31, 2017 @ 8:30am 
NOT WORKING ... one error showing too many compand ..
🔥ⓛⓞⓥⓔҜA ℛℳA May 28, 2017 @ 10:59am 
не магу зайти пишит что на сервер отправлено слишком много команд.
♀ Sasha Pines Apr 5, 2017 @ 4:13am 
cant play the damn map