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Thanks for your help in getting this game selected for distribution via Steam. More information including a link to the Steam store page can be found below.

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Feb 21 @ 1:20pm
Apr 30 @ 4:03pm

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Boundel has been released as Early Access.
About Groupees Problem.
Release date: Q3 2016
Boundel is a different kind of MMORPG.
No quests or missions. Just live like a wild one in a completely open world.
Discover new lands and new treasures, and track down the darkness in the sky with your friends to loot the great treasure.

*This game is a side product of an MMO server I have been developing for indie developers. This game was planned to be a client demo but I was carried away and ended up with a full game.

Some of Features (some of the existing features are not included in this list, will be updated soon)
- Complete open world.
- Non-target, non-level based combat.
- Full Loot PvP
- Player killing in guardzones (If you can run from guards ofcourse)
- Mounted Combat.
- Account shared Runebook, mark locations & open portals to there & teleporting.
All your characters in the account shares the same runebook.
- Account shared Bankbox, store your precious items & gold coins.
All your characters in the account shares the same bankbox.
- Polymorphing. You can polymorph any creature by using scrolls. The effect will give you a great power temporarily.
- Summoning creatures
- Develop the spells as you like

You will never see any in-app purchase or advertisements in this game.
No subscription fee. Pay once, play forever.
Boundel Web Site[]

Game will include the server files!
Boundel is an MMORPG game. But you will find a folder in the game folder which includes server files.

There will always be online official server. But if you get bored with the official server, you can open the server files and edit the world as you like. Play single or with friends on LAN. Also this give you the opportunity to open your own public server.

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Apr 25 @ 11:29pm
Mar 22 @ 6:30am
Is the server down?
Mr El Toro 'The Masked Werewolf'
< >
nidaynere  [author] Mar 22 @ 4:43pm 
Yes. The game will work on 32-bit operating system.
Shatari Mar 22 @ 11:38am 
Okay, problems with Groupees aside, will this work with a 32-bit operating system? This looks like the sort of game my sister and I would enjoy, but we're both using somewhat dated PCs.
Karl Savant™ Mar 22 @ 10:08am 
Understood. It IS also Groupees responsibility to come together with you to fix things. I apologise if I came acrossed as the fix should be one-sided. It is hardly that. I will be in contact with Groupees today,
nidaynere  [author] Mar 22 @ 8:27am 
@Karl Savant™
Totally agree.
I will do my best to fix this problem but Groupees need to help me about that.
If Groupees won't refund, the keys will be sent who already purchased.
I apologize again.
I certainly hope that this wasn't a Greenlight trap to get your game on Steam by getting people to check it out on Groupees, then claiming that they didn't work with you first on the bundle it was offered in. Your game looked interesting enough to check out to the buyers, and the way you handle this matter could make or break your future sales. Keep that in mind.

I'd be happy to talk with you on WASD Radio about this, on or off the record
Ok, let me get this straight...the game was put there without your permission? Ok, that's theft. Instead of telling people that showed interest in your game that they need to deal with groupees and ask for a refund, which is unlikely as it's not only your game in the bundle, you should be going after them for that. We should not be the ones handleing theft issues. The more buisness way to solve this with the possible future players that are willing to test this for you (i.e: Groupees buyers) is to offer the game for review at Alpha / Beta. If not for free, at the very least discounted. .
seachd12 Mar 22 @ 8:09am 
Did the restaurant sign a contract with the guy to sell them? If so, absolutely.
Ekaros Mar 22 @ 8:02am 
Let's say you run a restaurant, some guy sells gift cards for meal. Should you just honour these anyway?
seachd12 Mar 22 @ 7:59am 
Yeah, doesn't seem like a great way to start off as a developer. Regardless of what the misunderstanding with Groupees was, you're telling customers who paid for your game because they were interested in it that they're not going to get it.

Considering the strenuous relationship customers already have with developers who seem like they're just after a quick buck, this really does not look good.
nidaynere  [author] Mar 22 @ 6:02am 
It has been put there without my permission. Please ask for refund.