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Evac All
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Evac All

This mod adds an "Evac All" ability to soldier ability bars when they are in an active evac zone. Clicking this button will evac all soldiers currently in the evac zone instead of needing to click the evac button on each individual soldier.

Soldiers not in the evac zone will remain, exactly as before - this mod doesn't add any gameplay change, it's purely an interface change.

Many thanks to the volunteers providing translations for this mod:

esurnir - French
Jack Kwan - Traditional Chinese
Albeoris - Russian
Josemsar - Spanish
Hamachi - Korean
almasmario - Italian
acosys, Marck - German
Kubak1000 - Polish
nobita - Japanese
♥♥♥♥182 - Simplified Chinese (Sorry, steam doesn't like your name :) )

This mod is also availble through nexusmods at: http://nexusmods.com/xcom2/mods/99

Animation style of the evac can be configured through the XComEvacAll.ini file found in the Config folder in the mod package. When installing through the Steam Workshop, it can be found in the steamapps\workshop\content\268500\618669868\Config folder.

This file contains several confiurable options which can be set in the XComEvacAll.ini file.

The first is EvacMode, which can have one of three values:

eAllAtOnce (Default) - All units in the zone will evac simultaneously, each performing their rope out animation at slightly staggered times.

eOneByOne - Units will evac one by one, with each soldier waiting for the previous soldier to complete their animation.

eNoAnimations - All units will instantly evac and disappear without playing any animations.

The second option is ShowNoEvacTiles, which will paint tile overlays on top of tiles in the evac zone from which you cannot leave. This is a base game feature/bug - some tiles in the evac zone that have overhanging geometry (bus shelter roof, awnings, street signs, etc) will not be eligible to evac from. The EVAC ability will be inactive when in that tile and the Evac All ability will not show up. If you're standing on such a tile and another soldier uses "Evac All" soldiers on these tiles will not evac (they're not considered in the evac zone). This option is enabled by default to help players see which tiles to avoid, but if you find them ugly you can disable them with this option.

The final option is the CharacterTemplates list in EvacAll.X2DownloadableContentInfo_EvacAll. This is a list of character template names that should be given the Evac All ability. It defaults to the standard list of controllable unit types in vanilla (Soldiers, Engineers, Scientists). New values can be added here to allow compatibility with mods that introduce new controllable character types.


To fix the Neutralize Target bug introduced with Shen's Last Gift, this mod now uses a custom Neutralize Target mission. This will conflict with any other mod that changes this mission definition. If you prefer to use another mod that changes this mission type, you can remove the lines in XComMissions.ini in the mod configuration folder. Evac All will still work, but this will disable the workaround for the mission bug - Evac or Evac All to extract the carried VIP as the last action of the mission will cause the VIP to be killed and no bonus reward granted. You can work around this by evacing the VIP first and then the other remaining soldiers after.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, but will not take effect until the next time you begin a mission after installing the mod. Loading a saved game in-mission from before the installation will work, but no Evac All ability will appear until the next mission.
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Rockefeller Sep 15 @ 10:14pm 
I havent been able to reproduce it anyway, probably was something else , thank you
tracktwo  [author] Sep 15 @ 10:07pm 
The mod hasn't been updated in a month, so if it's suddenly redscreening for you where it wasn't before I suppose some other mod has caused a conflict.
Deckape964 Sep 12 @ 10:22pm 
Thank You Tracktwo works great with all my mods all the long war stuff and free camera
Medic Aug 21 @ 3:56pm 
@tracktwo Ah yup thank you! I couldn't see it because it wasn't picking it up on my other HD in a search.
tracktwo  [author] Aug 21 @ 9:18am 
@Medic The ini file must be there somewhere, otherwise it wouldn't be picking up the modded mission fix. Are you sure you're looking under the "workshop" folder of your steam installation and not the "common" folder. The games are under common but workshop items aren't.
Medic Aug 20 @ 6:06pm 
@tracktwo, I'm trying to get A Better Advent ATE to work with Evac all but I don't have an XComMissions.ini or a mod folder under the steam directory. Only the .ini in the MyGames directory so I'm unable to remove the .ini from the mod folder to fix it that way. Is there an alternative fix for people who downloaded it through Steam Workshop?
Nitewolf Aug 20 @ 4:04pm 
I will do it.
tracktwo  [author] Aug 20 @ 3:47pm 
Would you be able to send me a saved game showing someone in the evac zone with no evac all ability? That would help me debug. You can PM me a dropbox link or whatever, here or on nexus.
Nitewolf Aug 20 @ 3:37pm 
I did. I noticed it earlier, just had time to report today, tho.
tracktwo  [author] Aug 20 @ 2:26pm 
Have you tried regenerating your config files? It's been 5 days since the update and nobody else has mentioned a problem with it yet.