Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Chain Arsenal: The Industrial Strength

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Here is Chain Arsenal, a series of skins I declined in six versions.
I started the collection in Custom Paint Job style on Bloody, Camo, Factory and Infiltration versions.
I have recently rebooted the collection in Gunsmith style and added the Desert and Phantom versions.
Chain Arsenal is a very simple design with a lot of details. I think they are perfect for Mil-spec quality.
Hope you like my designs.

Thank you for your visit.


Available versions:

Available weapons:
  • MP9
  • MP7
  • Galil AR
  • UMP-45
  • Famas (new)


The 28th of November 2016 was marked by the integration of Galil AR | Camo (Custom Paint Job) in the Glove Case. The skin has been renamed Galil AR | Black Sand by Valve.
So I created the Black Sand collection. It groups all Chain Arsenal skins with the Black Sand style.
Hope you like it!


I mainly use Adobe Photoshop for making skins.
About Chain Arsenal, I process like this :
  1. Creating a 2048x2048px image (the skin) I apply on 3D model ;
  2. Making different zones on the skin : I want a good balance between painted part (red, yellow or camo), the gray steel part and the black part.
  3. Making my textures on the different parts.
  4. Adding details.
  5. Adding more details.
I don't make projection for Chain Arsenal skins, I work directly on the skin but I keep an eye on the 3D mesh.

Join my group if you want more details or show me your work!


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