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Disable Timers
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Feb 5, 2016 @ 4:37pm
Jul 11, 2016 @ 9:40am
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Disable Timers

Disables the mission timer in most non-story missions. Notable exceptions are UFO and terror missions.
As this removes a big element of the game, you may want to crank up the difficulty a notch to compensate.
This mod does not disable achievements.

If you stumble upon any bugs or missions types that I've missed, please report them in the comments below.

A campaign reset should not be neccessary, but it is recommended. If you decide not to restart, it's a good idea to back up your save before you enable this mod.
You can find your saves at C:\Users\ Profile name \Documents\my games\XCOM2\XComGame\SaveData
Once you save your game with this mod enabled, it will no longer be possible to load the save without it.

If you were looking to alter the Doomsday clock, check out this thread by Ez- http://steamcommunity.com/app/268500/discussions/0/412446292764413464/
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Jun 17 @ 3:30pm
Thanks to the author
Jan 25 @ 1:27pm
Does this disable achievements
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Foncday Aug 15 @ 10:45pm 
Any way to fix it ?
Rev Jul 31 @ 1:02am 
Mod didn't disable the timer for one of the Spokesman VIP missions. Not sure what details I should establish
{CQF} RobertS Jul 26 @ 1:19am 
For some reason this mod stopped working, so I resubscribed and now it doesn't even show up in the mod menu. Is there any way to fix this?
Shaska  [author] Jul 20 @ 1:03pm 
It doesn't, I'm afraid.
LW2 has included an .ini setting to disable them though.
McSnikles Jul 20 @ 10:28am 
Does this work with long war 2? Would be awesome!
Shaska  [author] Jul 20 @ 5:15am 
Quite possible, but I'm not aware of any other mods that do.
You could try disabling a few of them at a time, then starting a new mission to see if anything changed.

I appriciate the thought, but I'd feel bad about accepting donations for what is little more than a 5 minute hackjob. I am leaning towards getting it though, and I'll take a look at the timers if I do.
pacino23 Jul 20 @ 4:41am 
@ Shaska, I hope you do because even double timers still suck in my opinion. I'm not sure if there's a donation option or if you'd be willing to enable it but I'm sure some of us would be willing to show some support.
Sherman Jul 19 @ 8:51pm 
dont have that mod, maybe conflict with another mod?
Shaska  [author] Jul 19 @ 7:50pm 
It's meant to work on VIP missions as well.
It's a common issue though, and is usually caused by a conflict with the Evac All mod.
The mod page for Evac All should have a workaround for it, if you have it installed.
Sherman Jul 19 @ 2:36pm 
this is for those annoying turn timers right? doesnt seem to work, just lost a sniper on a vip evac mission because the timer ran out. are those mission exceptions?