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Free Camera Rotation
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May 13 @ 4:48am
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Free Camera Rotation

1. Sets default rotation angle to 45 degrees.
2. Enables free camera rotation while holding down Q and E keys (in analog mode, see hotkeys).
3. Enables free camera zoom while holding down T and G keys (in analog mode, see hotkeys).
4. Enables free camera mode controlled by mouse movement (Alt + mouse).
5. Allows to pitch camera with [ and ] keys.
6. Fully ini configurable.

1. Alt + mouse - free camera mode.
2. Ctrl + F1 - reset camera to default view.
3. Ctrl + F2 - switch between free and fixed rotation/zoom.
4. Ctrl + F3 - toggle free camera.
5. [ and ] - pitch camera.

1. ini files are located under your [Path To Steam Library]\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods\FreeCameraRotation\Config or [Path To Steam Library]\steamapps\workshop\content\268500\616359783\Config.
2. Key bindings: XComInput.ini.
3. Camera settings: XComTacticalInput_FreeCameraRotation.ini and XComCamera.ini.
4. Instructions and examples on key bindings: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/616359783/392183857632885222/
5. Instructions and examples on zoom settings: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/616359783/392183857632918975/
6. Resolving weird issues with mod not working/crashing the game: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/616359783/364041517008791228/

NOTE: mods do not disable achievements in XCOM2.

DISCLAIMER: since XCOM2 mods do not have reliable uninstall mechanism and I don't have Firaxis size QA department, I can't guarantee any of my mods are 100% bugs free, so use them at your own risk. I do play with all of them and I will release fixes or at least workarounds if bugs/problems are discovered.
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woo4 Oct 20 @ 6:27am 
thanks, nice overview
shadow79 Oct 10 @ 7:32am 
I had the same issue with geoscape slowdown and stutter. As soon as I unsubed to LW ToolBox and cleared my comfig folder... the game runs smooth again.
Dragon32 Sep 28 @ 9:24am 
@Spartanmatt, @wasteland_ghost
I believe the geoscape slowdown is a consequence of a mod conflict, even if those mods don't affect the geoscape. Use the Alternate Mod Launcher to identify conflicts.
Troubleshooting: Mods not working properly / at all
wasteland_ghost  [author] Sep 28 @ 4:19am 
It's not this mod, but LW Toolbox and this mod together. Don't know why as it doesn't change any of the geoscape files.
Spartanmatt Sep 27 @ 10:01pm 
I just thought I should let anyone who is experiencing lag in the geoscape know that disabling this mod improved performance like 100% I'm not sure why this mod and others like perfect information would cause the game to lag so heavily. IDK any other way around it other than to disable this mod :(
[LFG]Panteradactyl Sep 23 @ 12:42am 
ATF_Coldblooded Carebear ||, worked for me? How did the workaround break it?
wasteland_ghost  [author] Sep 6 @ 2:30am 
@RED Read the description: there are two modes, you can set default one and you can switch between them with a hotkey.
TheDyingScotsman Sep 5 @ 7:03am 
get the old version from Nexus, RED.
⋱⋱⋱ RED ⋰⋰⋰ Sep 5 @ 3:43am 
Dont work if I long press Q or E. What can I do??
ATF_Coldblooded Carebear || Jul 30 @ 12:33am 
sorry to say but the workarround broke the LW toolbox for me