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On a Rail Uncut
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Jan 24, 2016 @ 5:34pm
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On a Rail Uncut

Chicken Chonnage's (previously known as Text FAMGUY1, real name: Chon Kemp, now a Black Mesa Developer) project to finish "uncutting" Black Mesa. This mod extends Black Mesa's On a Rail back to the length of the chapter in HL1, by adding 4 new maps in between the existing Black Mesa ones.

IMPORTANT: You must start a new game to use this (though you can start from any chapter you like) - do not use existing saves!



  • The Black Mesa dev team for creating such an astonishing game with fantastic maps! The astounding quality of their maps really inspired me to become a better mapper.
  • Valve for creating the amazing Half-Life universe in the first place, and their groundbreaking series.
  • Dejan for writing the pieces "The Year of Death," and "Dark Skies," used on A2 and B2 respectively - written for Community Project 12. Brilliant bits of work. Hopefully my maps do your work justice.
  • The Empire (Andrew Bastian) for writing the piece "Lights Out," for me; a beautiful chill piece I use during the ambush on B1. This piece is still a work in progress, feedback is welcomed - but be nice!
  • Impetuous for skinning the construction and office workers (skinned from the BM Dev team's original security guard and inspired by Mr Someguy's attempt) found throughout OaR Uncut. Great work!
  • dead-brushes and KeepWaiting from DeviantArt deserve credit for the blood textures used on the office workers.
  • Mr Someguy for providing me with a working hexed model.
  • Maestro Fenix for creating part of the skins for the construction worker model, and also helping me solve several annoying bugs with my custom models. Thanks a lot!
  • The community at large for providing me with tonnes of feedback and giving me tips and tricks on how to make things work and how to design areas. This project wouldn't be where it is today without you guys.
  • Everyone involved in the feedback for ST Uncut. Had ST Uncut not been successful, which undoubtedly would not have happened without the community's support, I would definitely not have been inspired enough to move onto this project.
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Jul 14 @ 1:05pm
Will this be added to the official update, just like the "Surface Tension" maps were?
May 31, 2016 @ 9:29am
Bug Report
Mikel S
Jun 13 @ 9:31pm
More bugs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Кутис Иваныч Sep 7 @ 6:27am 
are there zombie or ghost-like howls in tunnel with water (that was in the beginning of chapter) and room under the rocket
Malidictus Sep 6 @ 6:32pm 
As it should - that's the whole point of the chapter :)
Definitive Dubs Sep 6 @ 5:41pm 
With this and the Loop Mod, OAR becomes HUGE. It takes hours to get through.
BOT Andrew Sep 2 @ 3:21pm 
Also I forgot to mention I think on a rail is my new favorite chapter with this mod
BOT Andrew Sep 2 @ 3:10pm 
Maybe the part with the shootout between the guards and soldiers could use some music. I played nuclear mission jam with it and it was badass.
Cpt. Shmitt Aug 25 @ 4:49pm 
Z. Valtero
I'm getting the same problem... it sucks.
RMJ Aug 25 @ 4:13pm 
Hopefully this will be added to the retail version of Black Mesa as happened to Surface Tension uncut.

Otherwise great mod and addition to the Black Mesa project.
Z. Valtero Aug 23 @ 2:55pm 
I like this, it does make On A Rail feel more fleshed out and complete. But, that being said, I just can't keep this installed, as I get major framerate drops in a couple spots - Namely, the lights-out segment. I so hope that gets fixed, I'd kill a thousand bullsquids to keep it installed.
TEH REAL QUACK Aug 11 @ 5:51pm 
"I hate it." (noclips) (past me playing it on Half Life)

"......HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT LOVE IT SO MUCH GIVE MEH MORE PLZ!!!!!" (enables hard mode) (Now me playing it on Black Mesa)
Cpt. Shmitt Aug 9 @ 12:46pm 
I'm getting weird frame drops outside.