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Janeator's maps
A collection which contains all of my maps. Still adding old ones, always adding new ones.
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Abandoned Passage
Created by Janeator
Once a popular passage between two tall mountains, its ruins serve as a battle zone now....
Created by Janeator
An old burning meteor that wanders around space...
Created by Janeator
The middle of nowhere makes for a good testing area sometimes....
Chasm Peek
Created by Janeator
Close to the bottom of the chasm, a grove exists from where you can see the top of the tallest peak....
City Mall
Created by Janeator
The Neo Seattle Mall will remain closed today. Our apologies to our loyal customers....
Cold Extraction
Created by Janeator
People say that when night falls, you can hear matter shots and see blinking lights......
Conquest Ruins
Created by Janeator
Two gangs now fight eachother from each half of the Talai settlement, which had never been conquered before....
Created by Janeator
A new mineral that can be used as a powerful source of energy has been recently found in the deepest mines of Trunkopia. Now everyone wants to get as much of it as they can!...
DanceFloor Station
Created by Janeator
Deep in outer space, there's a special place for all those who are looking for a break from their routine... the DanceFloor Station!...
Desert: Sunflare Ruins
Created by Janeator
Is that the sun or a metalface scoping you from inside those ruins?...
Created by Janeator
A street gang has been seen entering the old distillery building in the docks district. It's possible that the building serves as their headquarters. Units 3 and 5, assault the building from the sides!

I created a new 6-class lineup to be used with th...
Created by Janeator
When the leaves start falling, the metalfaces scramble to get a place in the last cave for the winter hibernation. Because winter is coming. Because it's autumn....
Fields of Depth
Created by Janeator
You finally manage to teleport into the old base... only to find out that the machines are waking....
Forest Temple
Created by Janeator
Deep in Pandora's jungle, an old temple rises in the shade of tall trees....
Gate 5
Created by Janeator
Listen up, agent! We need the best runners to infiltrate via gate number five! We're counting on you!...
Industrial Alley
Created by Janeator
Hey! Using teleporters during battle is unfair! Come back here, you weaving spikebird!...
Industrial Zone
Created by Janeator
An old alley from the Borealis gun manufacture district, now the perfect place for a brawl....
Created by Janeator
Apparently some sports never die...
Created by Janeator
This station was built to store rockets, in case they were ever needed for nearby wars. But that was long ago, and now everyone's forgotten about the rockets. Well, not everyone!

Should replace Meteor in the arcade in the next update, but since it's tak...
Nano Plant
Created by Janeator
Try not to harm the goods while throwing plugs around!...
Neon (teaser 1)
Created by Janeator
You arrive at the apartment, but the clues here don't seem to help much......
Neon (teaser 2)
Created by Janeator
Disobeying your superior's orders, you decide to sneak into a factory to try to find your target......
Created by Janeator
Four potential threats have been detected in the area. Rush in and eliminate the targets as fast as possible....
Created by Janeator
Questions fill your human brain, forever trapped in a fake body, now stuck in this place....
Old Heights
Created by Janeator
The oldest of the tallest. They might fall apart any moment now!...
Operation Leafbleed
Created by Janeator
Illegal substances have been detected in this downtown area. A special unit is on the way....
Created by Janeator
You and your maintenance crew have been sent to the jungle outpost generator complex. However, your ship malfunctions and crashes into it. Hopefully nothing's broken... Look for the plugin and reboot all generators!...
Created by Janeator
A rainy morning for the most important mission you've ever been assigned. Infiltrate this Radio Tower repeater and free it from the robotic forces!...
Redrock Temple
Created by Janeator
Hot! Who would build a temple in the lava pits of Pandora?...
Created by Janeator
A group of bounty hunters find out they're chasing the same target, and decide to fight for the hunting rights on the ruins of an ancient cult's shrine......
Secret Hideout: Year 5000
Created by Janeator
A revamp of Jeb's original Secret Hideout.

It's strange how after years of battles in Dr Red's not-so-secret Hideout, the machinery still works....
Created by Janeator
A distress signal came in from the Stackhouse district... move in the shadows and wipe out the robotic assault operation leader: Icebite!...
Created by Janeator
Lost in the middle of the desert, this was a place of spirits, where no one ever said a word. Many things have changed since then....
Skyport Assault
Created by Janeator
Apparently you're not the only one teleporting in to ask for fuel....
Created by Janeator
The rain keeps flushing trash from Rocketcity down into this hole... Some say it makes for a nice plug slam field....
Created by Janeator
The bandits went to hide on this old temple, and now they're keeping those peaceful prayers as hostages. Liberate them!...
Created by Janeator
This place clearly needs a caretaker!...
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Henzoo Jun 20 @ 6:58am 
Wow, seeing all these maps make me so nostalgic about Cobalt.
Janeator  [author] Jun 4 @ 4:56am 
Thank you very much ^^
filipex2000 Jun 4 @ 2:06am 
Jan... You are true artist.
Janeator  [author] Jun 23, 2016 @ 12:18pm 
Thanks :D
Maschka Jun 23, 2016 @ 11:25am 
its really detailed good job!
Janeator  [author] Apr 21, 2016 @ 3:36pm 
Thank you ^^
Mr Sergal Apr 21, 2016 @ 2:20pm 
Beautiful works of art.
Janeator  [author] Apr 2, 2016 @ 5:22pm 
Thanks :)
The Actual Ruyter Apr 2, 2016 @ 11:17am 
I'm gonna take a look at all of your maps! They look great!