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Day of Infamy - Bastogne
Maps (co-op): Outpost, Conquer
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Day of Infamy - Bastogne

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Day of Infamy
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The Vengeful One May 15 @ 5:57pm 
how do u get the mod
GroßMac Apr 29 @ 10:00am 
Don't like this one, the map is just too boring and open. If you don't have smoke grenades you're going to die quickly.
Brother Rince Apr 27 @ 5:20pm 
Can we have more cover? I die almost only to snipers
titty king Apr 14 @ 1:52am 
Now I can be ronald speiers
FB||Granata Cyka Apr 6 @ 8:00pm 
Sneor Apr 6 @ 7:53pm 
some of the guns dont make sounds

Duncan Apr 3 @ 10:25am 
Hi folks. Great map! I found a little bit of an issue with it. When Germans are attacking C on push or invasion or whatever, I found a place when on Americans to fire on the german spawn. Perhaps need to move the spawn? I dunno. Hit me up if you would like me to show you.
JaskaJaska Mar 25 @ 7:42am 
how can i play online?
Mr. No Name Mar 24 @ 10:52am 
You speak like a true human being YouKnowNotMyName.
YouKnowNotMyName Mar 14 @ 4:33am 
Guys... this is a historical battle, not a fucking competitive ranked match.

The battle of Bastonge, was the allied defense of the town of Bastonge, Belgium.
In which the 101st airborne, and a limited number of various infantry and armored platoons defended against a German offensive mainly consisting of Waffen SS Panzergrenadiers, SS Heavy Panzer units, and a number of smaller Wehrmacht infantry units.

This battle is notably famous for the use of large amounts of mortar and artillery fire on the German side, and the use of slit-trenches and foxholes to hold defensive positions with close range machine gun fire for the allied side.

So in short, too much artillery and too much camping MEANS THIS MAP ACCURATELY PORTRAYS THE REAL BATTLE!

Stop your whining and pick up a history book, or at least fucking google the Band of Brothers episode, you can download it on like five different sites.