Battle for Graxia

Battle for Graxia

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How to install Battle for Graxia even if it disappeared.
By agudon2k1
This guide will teach you how to install Battle for Graxia even if the game is not available in Steam anymore for file collection, file examination or potential modding.
  • Steam
  • Web Browser
  • Internet Connection
  1. Make sure that your Steam is properly installed and updated, and then you will need to run Steam then log in until you reach the store front, you can minimize the Steam from this.

  2. Open up your web browser then type the following in the address bar:


    A window will pop up on your web browser with the following information:
    For Firefox:

    Make sure that Steam Client Bootstrapper is highlighted, then click OK.

    For Internet Explorer:

    Click Allow.

  3. If you have successfully done that, you will now see that Battle for Graxia is about to install:

    And that's it, I hope this guide will help you install Battle for Graxia again.
For potential modding:
If you take a look at the files of Battle for Graxia especially inside the data folder, you will see some compressed MEG files. This is because the game is actually a heavily modified Alamo Engine,[] the same engine used for the video games Star Wars: Empire at War, Universe at War and even Grey Goo.
There are tools already made specifically for Star Wars modding that are sometimes compatible for Battle for Graxia like the MEG Editor[] which is used to view and extract files such as models, musics, sounds and textures inside the MEG files.
(A note that the config.meg file is protected because there is a rumor that Petroglyph does not like modding the configurations, rules, or balances of the game.)

That's all I can give you for the potential modding, since most tools are incompatible for Battle for Graxia.
I hope that one day somebody will be able to make a LAN version of Battle for Graxia or even make a custom game DOTA 2 mod using these files.