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S - Warhammer 40k Weapons - DX11
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Jan 4, 2016 @ 4:11pm
Jan 12, 2016 @ 1:17pm
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S - Warhammer 40k Weapons - DX11

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S - Warhammer 40k Player Models
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S - Warhammer 40k Weapons - DX11

First weapon - Bolter

Now is only one error is in aiming

Survival ready

DX9 - DX11

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Польский курва Dec 30, 2016 @ 11:06am 
please make more weapons. And where can I craft my chainsword!
Spud Terrorist Aug 31, 2016 @ 11:01am 
cuz this mod looks great, just a pity i cant use it.
Spud Terrorist Aug 28, 2016 @ 8:28am 
i have resubscribed several times but when ever i use this mod the bolter/chainsword doesnt show up. any advice?
[Tanith's First]LazyMacro Aug 19, 2016 @ 2:01am 
:D iam captain newton from the blod angels and i think this is very lvoely XD
Harlock Jun 26, 2016 @ 5:40pm 
UHHHH !!! you should make the Gattling you have into a heavy bolter!
Harlock Jun 26, 2016 @ 5:39pm 
The codex does not approve that use of the chainword! XD
Mike Loeven May 24, 2016 @ 3:48pm 
Bolters fire mass reactive shells meaning they should have a small AOE explosion on impact
Ken Stormwolf May 18, 2016 @ 9:07pm 
I meant use the welding sfx for the powersword...get it? :P pretty much use the welding tool as the basis for the Powersword
kris220b May 18, 2016 @ 1:51pm 
how could a powersword be a welder?
a powersowrd cuts trough the metal and alloys of tanks
a welder melts them togheter
Ken Stormwolf May 18, 2016 @ 1:19pm 
I would so love to get a Powersword in this! Something like the models seen in Dawn Of War and such! And the Welder would be perfect animation for it! :) Keep up the Good work! :)