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Kibble Vending Machine
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Jan 4, 2016 @ 4:42am
Oct 15, 2016 @ 9:30am
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Kibble Vending Machine


Mod ID: 592595740

This is an expansion of the Building Xtras Mod. It was once part of the mod but the mod size started to get pretty big so it was broken up into multiple parts.
This mod DOES NOT require you to have the Building Xtras mod installed it is a standalone mod on its own and will work with anything but if you want the full mod as it originally was just simply subscribe and download the main mod and all the expansion mods here:

Building Xtras -
Dino House Xtras -
Minecraft Xtras -
Temple Xtras -
Garden Xtras -
Kibble Vending Machine -

This mod brings you The kibble vending machine. What is it you ask? It is exactly what it says it is lol
instead of having to go and get all those pesky things to create kibble that may or may not raise any stats why not simply just buy it from the kibble vending machine. All kibble cost 30 raw metal and every kibble in game can be purchased. Just simply learn the engram and craft the machine and look inside then place the metal in and craft which kibble you want.

Update V4:
Added all scorched earth and missing kibbles

If you need to remove one of the engrams follow this link:

Gold Coin Cost = 50 Metal Ingots, 10 Cementing Paste
Silver Coin Cost = 25 Metal Ingots, 5 Cementing Paste
Bronze Coin Cost = 30 Metal

If you feel you want to help support our work please donate to the link below =)
[]coming soon
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Engraverwilliam Dec 8 @ 1:40pm 
could this be made to accept glory coin from the capitalism mod? The Dev for the Currency mod has the code he gives for anyone wanting to use the currency in any mod. If this was the case I would use this on my server. Right now I use a NPC trader bench and manually load it with the Kibs and price it but a machine would be the bees knees
Bandit59007 Nov 6 @ 9:51am 
im noticing that everytime there is a server restart/update, the vending machines get locked and I have to unlock them everytime for people to use them after a restart. Anyway to fix that?
Luicid ✅ Oct 30 @ 12:58am 
Hi OP, I would like to update the mod with new kibble.
Would you like to send me source files to modify your mod and add all the stuff it miss since 2016 ? Could you please contact me by mp?
DizZzy Oct 24 @ 2:48pm 
Just use the Kibble Table if you want an updated version of this.
UberLerd Oct 16 @ 12:03am 
I am getting an awful graphics issue when I'm close enough to use the Kibble Vending Machine. It appears in both 1st and 3rd person. It looks like black dots coming from the objects in the machine that overlap until you can't see anything but black streaks coming out of the machine. This is on Ultra and High video settings. Any solution in the works? See image here:
ArrowPlayGame Oct 8 @ 6:22am 
APGRUS PvE - The Center - x7/x7/x14
Mods: Gaia + 9 others

Player - 500 lvl
Dino - 300 lvl
The balance between Wild dino and Tamed Sep 24 @ 1:59pm 
Needs "Sweet Vegetable Cake" added
server equip mode as well as 10 other basic mods
steam ip:
name: [FR][PvP] Ragnarok All x15 [wipe 23/08] CLUSTER #1
IcequeenEve Sep 1 @ 7:04pm 
Ok, is this mod updated? Just asking before i suscribe to it.
Goober Aug 25 @ 2:49pm 
Is there any known way to make the coins drop from certian creaters? i.e. wyverns drop gold, dodos dro bronz, ect.?