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Darker Caves, Dungeons, Ruins, Towers, Nights
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May 2, 2012 @ 1:35am
Jul 2, 2013 @ 11:21pm
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Darker Caves, Dungeons, Ruins, Towers, Nights

=== V2.1 ===

This plugin makes interiors (caves, dungeons etc.) and night time darker so you have to rely on light sources(fires, torches, candles, skylights etc.) to see whats around you.

V2.1 Changes

Fixed a torch and the mist around a campfire at Orphans Tear being excessively bright.

V2.0 Changes

Night time has been made lighter.

V1.9 Changes and fixes

Fixes issue where the light produced by a fire at the Werstern Watchtower during the dragon attack would stay after the cleanup leaving only the light and no light source.

V1.8 Changes and fixes

All dwarven ruins have been made darker
Fixed a shadow light not working properly in Gallows Rock.

All interoirs with the exception of city interiors are now darker and all exterior lighting placement is now done.
This mod is now fully complete, any further updates will be to fix any issues that are found.

V1.7 Changes and fixes

Exterior lighting placement in all worldspaces has been completed.
General touch ups in interior cells.
All lighting placement and ambient light changes are finished with the exception of dwarven ruins.
They will be made darker in the next update.
Fixed issue with a body of water in Labyrinthian being above and not below causing players to swim through a small section of the ruin.

V1.6 Changes and fixes

Update.esm is now a parent master file.


Interior cells are now lighter than before. this is to fix 2 issues.
1st - the instances where screen would go completely black when looking at a certain angle where no lights are pressnt.
2nd - night eye would have no effect inside.

Candlelight and Magelight spells now generate a larger light, both when cast and in your hands.

Night time has been drastically changed.
-It is darker and not as blue in colour.
-the 'glow' that the clouds have is gone.

Lighting in interior cells have been revised to fix problems where to many lights would cause some set peices to go black and not render any light on their surfaces, plus general touchs-ups where needed.

Night eye has been modified to work better both outside and inside.

Blackreach has been made darker, but not dwarven ruins.

Fixed issue where the water for the cell outside Night Caller Temple was in the air above. Caused problems with the 'Waking Nightmare' quest.

Next update will include lighting placement in exterior cells and dwarven ruins will be made darker.


As for people who are exeriencing game crashes with this mod, i dont know what causes this to happen,
I have not experienced any problems with the mod not working properly.
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Zajo 1 hour ago 
The clouds are not fixed. They are white when it is night. Other than that, this mod nails the night time and dungeon cave fort light perfetly.
Am7b5 Jun 1 @ 2:30am 
For some reason this is only working outside and in cities for me. Does not work in interior locations like caves and tombs. Only other mod I have that affects lighting is the one that makes unread books glow?
PopeSquid Jun 1 @ 12:19am 
Love this mod!
But is it compatible with COT?
Correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt COT have a light setting as well? If so I might have to give up this Mod if I install COT
Viking Lord May 29 @ 12:34pm 
Perfect for my vampire build. I want it be more realistic with darkness :D
DDomstar May 27 @ 11:30pm 
I Just love this mod and a DLC addition/stand alone would be brilliant. Just so good travelling at night when your last torch runs out then a howl in the distance.
pnoble69 May 27 @ 2:32pm 
is this compatible with the relighting skyrim mod and i want you to know that bleaks fall barrow is not dark and the stormcloak camps soldiers don't carry torches so it is hard to see them..besides that,cool mod.and i like the night being pitch black
Vsevolod May 15 @ 7:26am 
It's awesome! Why Bethesda don't do like that at start?!!
Clotface May 2 @ 4:58am 
I love this, a run through Alftand and into Blackreach did not disappoint. I feel the darkness adds an entirely new dimension to combat. There's a couple of things that would make this even better though:

effects like flaming oil and wall of flames (possibly other magical effects that stand out in the darkness too) giving off light

Including locations introduced by the DLCs (I've only tested the Soul Cairn and Castle Volkihar Undercroft but seeing as you haven't mentioned DLCs here I'm guessing you haven't done this mod for any of them)
Hexlaw Mar 17 @ 6:59am 
I am happy with it, and we shall dance to celebrate
Calabresa022 Feb 16 @ 8:54pm 
is there a way to remove the clouds at night? I love how dark everything is around you, but my night sky is filled with whiteish clouds - but everything else is AWESOME so far, and I wont stop using it because of these damn clouds :D