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Traffic Manager: President Edition
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Traffic Manager: President Edition

Traffic Manager: President Edition
helps you manage your city's traffic. This mod allows you to
  • toggle traffic lights at junctions,
  • add yield and stop signs to junctions,
  • define timed traffic lights that can adapt their behavior depending on live traffic measurements,
  • modify speed limits,
  • define vehicle restrictions (e.g. disallow vehicles on certain roads),
  • define junction restrictions (e.g. disallow pedestrians to cross the street),
  • define parking restrictions (e.g. prohibit cars from parking road-side),
  • change lane arrows and connect individual lanes with each other,
  • clear traffic and
  • toggle despawn on/off
It additionally includes
  • its own Advanced Vehicle AI that modifies the way your cims choose their lanes,
  • modified lane splitting/merging rules on highways (read the manual!) and
  • a Parking AI which disallows "pocket cars" and improves the simulation regarding parking space usage.

This mod is based on the original Traffic Manager Mod by cbethax and Traffic Manager Plus by seiggy. If you have subscribed to another Traffic Manager mod, please first deactivate it in your Content Manager (in-game) before trying this one out.

Current version: 1.9.6 Changelog, Source code[]
  • New feature: Parking restrictions
  • New feature: Speed limits can be set up for individual lanes with the Control key
  • New feature: Added timed traffic light and speed limit support for monorails
  • New feature: Copy & paste for individual timed traffic lights
  • New feature: Rotate individual timed traffic lights
  • New feature: Lane customizations may come into effect instantaneously
Changes in version 1.9.6:
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation
  • Bugfix: Vehicles cannot perform u-turns at junctions with only one outgoing segment (thanks to @Sunbird for reporting this issue)
  • Bugfix: Path-finding costs for large distances exceed the maximum allowed value (thanks to @Huitsi for reporting this issue)
  • Bugfix: Under certain circumstances path-finding at railroad crossings allows switching from road to rail tracks.

User Manual

Supported languages (% translated)
  • Chinese, simplified (100 %) (thanks to @ Lost丶青柠)
  • Chinese, traditional (99 %) (thanks to @clarinetism76)
  • Dutch (99 %)
  • English (100 %)
  • French (99 %) (thanks to @simon.royer007 & @LondSW)
  • German (100 %)
  • Italian (100 %) (thanks to @Admix)
  • Korean (100 %) (thanks to @ Toothless FLY [ROK]
  • Japanese (60 %) (thanks to @Akira Ishizaki; Japanese Localization EX Mod is required)
  • Polish (100 %) (thanks to @Krzychu1245)
  • Portuguese (99 %) (thanks to @igordeeoliveira)
  • Russian (99 %) (thanks to @FireGames)
  • Spanish (99 %) (thanks to @FoXiL)

The language is automatically determined based on your settings in "Options" -> "Gameplay".
Please contact me if you want to help translate this mod, add missing translations or correct translation mistakes. E-Mail: (#=@)

Should work with:

Incompatible with:
  • Traffic++ V2 (game will crash when saving)
  • Enhanced Garbage Truck AI (all versions)
  • Enhanced Hearse AI (all versions)
  • No Despawn Mod
  • ... probably others

In case problems arise / you need help
If you see an error message or something is going wrong, please e-mail me your "output_log.txt" (Windows), "Player.log" (Linux, Mac) and "TMPE.log" files immediately after you encountered the bug. You can find the log files in your ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data\ (Windows) or ~/.config/unity3d/Colossal Order/Cities: Skylines/Player.log (Linux) or Users/<username>/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log (Mac OS) folder. Please describe the problem, attach the files and send everything to:, with #=@. Please tell me what you did when the error occurred so that I can reproduce the situation. Some screenshots or a savegame could be helpful, too. Visit this page to find out where your savegames and screenshots are located:

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gravage 1 hour ago 
@fredui: If you are using Improved Public Transport 2 (r4.0.3) the comments section offers some answers to that as well.
gravage 1 hour ago 
@Issen: I've seen that issue discussed time and time again in the comments section of Improved Public Transport 2 (r4.0.3) . People have been working around it by quiting and restarting the game after placing depots; for then they are found. BloodyPenguin made this comment 16 hrs prior to this comment; maybe you found what BloodyPenguin is looking for:

BloodyPenguin [author] 16 hours ago
I have a suspicion that depot not found issue might be caused by some other mod that replaces AI... can somebody who experiences the issue give me a list of installed mods so that I could look through them?
marc345 6 hours ago 
@fredui It's vanilla vehicle unbunching
fredui 10 hours ago 
I have a issue with the time that spend buses, metro and trailtrains in every stop, that cause high congestion
Tolje 11 hours ago 
@LinuxFan I'm getting reports from my AV that tmpe.citiesgamebridge.dll is classified as W32.Malware.Gen and I can't whitelist it :(
Nightshade 12 hours ago 
This mod is sexy
Kyrazor200 14 hours ago 
anyone having issues with Heavy Trucks ignoring Heavy Truck Ristrictions?
bbaction57 14 hours ago 
md.corman - I think vehicle restrictions take some time to kick in, vehicles in route already have their path. If thats not your issue then idk.
Virelai 15 hours ago 
Thanks for fixing the cable car problem so quickly and overall for your great work!
tristanpa2015 16 hours ago 
This mod seems to be incompatible with Automatic Bulldoze v2, whenever I would statrt my city with both mods disabled, it would say something about Traffic Manager: President Edition being incompatible with another mod and give me this error: Field '.PathUnit.m_vehicleTypes' not found. [System.MissingFieldException]., and would not let me progress past the error message. After some expermintation, I figured out these two were conflicting. Maybe this is your problem, @zayd.newaz?