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Traffic Manager: President Edition
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Traffic Manager: President Edition

Traffic Manager: President Edition
helps you manage your city's traffic. This mod allows you to
  • toggle traffic lights at junctions,
  • add yield and stop signs to junctions,
  • define timed traffic lights that can adapt their behavior depending on live traffic measurements,
  • modify speed limits,
  • define vehicle restrictions (e.g. disallow vehicles on certain roads),
  • define junction restrictions (e.g. disallow pedestrians to cross the street),
  • define parking restrictions (e.g. prohibit cars from parking road-side),
  • change lane arrows and connect individual lanes with each other,
  • clear traffic and
  • toggle despawn on/off
It additionally includes
  • its own Advanced Vehicle AI that modifies the way your cims choose their lanes,
  • modified lane splitting/merging rules on highways (read the manual!),
  • a Parking AI which disallows "pocket cars" and improves the simulation regarding parking space usage, and
  • Dynamic Lane Selection (DLS), a lane selection algorithm that allows cims to switch to alternative lanes while en-route

This mod is based on the original Traffic Manager Mod by cbethax and Traffic Manager Plus by seiggy. If you have subscribed to another Traffic Manager mod, please first deactivate it in your Content Manager (in-game) before trying this one out.

Current version: 1.10.4 Changelog, Source code[]
  • New feature: Dynamic Lane Selection
  • New feature: Adaptive step switching
  • New feature: Individual vehicles may be removed from the game
  • Updated for game version 1.9.0-f5
  • Added possibility to add priority signs at multiple junctions at once (press Shift)
  • Added tutorials (can be disabled in the options window globally)

User Manual

Supported languages (% translated)
  • Chinese, simplified (100 %) (thanks to @Lost丶青柠)
  • Chinese, traditional (90 %) (thanks to @clarinetism76)
  • Dutch (90 %)
  • English (100 %)
  • French (90 %) (thanks to @simon.royer007 & @LondSW)
  • German (100 %)
  • Italian (90 %) (thanks to @Admix)
  • Korean (100 %) (thanks to @ Toothless FLY [ROK]
  • Japanese (50 %) (thanks to @Akira Ishizaki; Japanese Localization EX Mod is required)
  • Polish (100 %) (thanks to @Krzychu1245)
  • Portuguese (90 %) (thanks to @igordeeoliveira)
  • Russian (90 %) (thanks to @FireGames)
  • Spanish (90 %) (thanks to @FoXiL)

The language is automatically determined based on your settings in "Options" -> "Gameplay".
Please contact me if you want to help translate this mod, add missing translations or correct translation mistakes. E-Mail: (#=@)

Incompatible with:

In case problems arise / you need help
If you see an error message or something is going wrong, please e-mail me your "output_log.txt" (Windows), "Player.log" (Linux, Mac) and "TMPE.log" files immediately after you encountered the bug. You can find the log files in your ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data\ (Windows) or ~/.config/unity3d/Colossal Order/Cities: Skylines/Player.log (Linux) or Users/<username>/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log (Mac OS) folder. Please describe the problem, attach the files and send everything to:, with #=@. Please tell me what you did when the error occurred so that I can reproduce the situation. Some screenshots or a savegame could be helpful, too. Visit this page to find out where your savegames and screenshots are located:

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DarkShamos 1 hour ago 
Kann es sein das die seit Cities Skylines v1.9 eingeführten "Train Traffic Intersection Rules" irgendwie nicht funktionieren? Bei mir bleiben die züge jedenfalls nie an den signalen sondern immer mitten auf den kreuzungen stehen. Meiner Meinung nach wäre dem spiel sehr viel geholfen wenn man der TRAIN-KI eintrichtern würde das 2-3 zuglängen mindestens platz zwischen den zügen sein muss, ansonsten sollten sie stehen bleiben, als auch das ein zug NIEMALS auf einer kreuzung stehen bleiben darf. Vielleicht kannst du das mal in deine MOD einbauen @LinuxFan
UguuDoki 7 hours ago 
do it in game not at main menu
Riverrat1515 10 hours ago 
Haveing a problem with the mod. I just got the mod a few day ago. Installed and love the features it has. When I set it up the first time I set the traffic AI to very high. It is lagging my game a bit and wanted to lower the setting. When I try to set it lower I get a message pop up. Says NOPE. Setting are diffined for each save game separately.
HealClick 12 hours ago 
Really helpful mod!
DAMNimST0NED 13 hours ago 
THANK YOU! I will be donating a beer shortly!
Achilles 13 hours ago 
Thank you for the quick update!I love it!
Xarsus 18 hours ago 
Thanks for the update
Burningfeetman 23 hours ago 
Just donated to this wonderful mod. Thank you so much for creating this! My trucks can now turn left or right from the middle lane. :)
I-IeI_I_FirE Oct 20 @ 3:13pm 
super sache ganze Stadt ohne die Mod zusammengebrochen
jetzt läufts ja wieder
Manlu [GMBB] Oct 20 @ 2:04pm 
thanks for updating quickly for the green cities dlc, I didnt fancy starting a new city without this mod :D