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Traffic Manager: President Edition
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Traffic Manager: President Edition

Traffic Manager: President Edition
helps you managing your city's traffic. This mod allows you to
  • toggle traffic lights at junctions,
  • add yield and stop signs to junctions,
  • define timed traffic lights that can adapt their behavior depending on live traffic measurements,
  • modify speed limits,
  • define vehicle restrictions (e.g. disallow vehicles on certain roads),
  • define junction restrictions (e.g. disallow pedestrians to cross the street),
  • change lane arrows and connect individual lanes with each other,
  • clear traffic and
  • toggle despawn on/off
It additionally includes
  • its own Advanced Vehicle AI that modifies the way your cims choose their lanes,
  • modified lane splitting/merging rules on highways (read the manual!) and
  • a Parking AI which disallows "pocket cars" and improves the simulation regarding parking space usage.

This mod is based on the original Traffic Manager Mod by cbethax and Traffic Manager Plus by seiggy. If you have subscribed to another Traffic Manager mod, please first deactivate it in your Content Manager (in-game) before trying this one out.

Current version: 1.8.16 Changelog, Source code[]
  • Lane connections can now also be removed by pressing the backspace key
  • Improved lane selection for busses if the option "Busses may ignore lane arrows" is activated
  • Bugfix: The game sometimes freezes when using the timed traffic light tool
  • Bugfix: Lane connections are not correctly removed after modifying/removing a junction
  • Bugfix: Selecting a junction for setting up junction restrictions toggles the currently hovered junction restriction icon

User Manual

Supported languages (% translated)
  • Chinese, simplified (100 %) (thanks to @ Lost丶青柠)
  • Chinese, traditional (100 %) (thanks to @clarinetism76)
  • Dutch (100 %)
  • English (100 %)
  • French (100 %) (thanks to @simon.royer007 & @LondSW)
  • German (100 %)
  • Italian (100 %) (thanks to @Admix)
  • Korean (100 %) (thanks to @ Toothless FLY [ROK]
  • Japanese (70 %) (thanks to @Akira Ishizaki; Japanese Localization EX Mod is required)
  • Polish (100 %) (thanks to @Krzychu1245)
  • Portuguese (99 %) (thanks to @igordeeoliveira)
  • Russian (100 %) (thanks to @FireGames)
  • Spanish (85 %) (thanks to @FoXiL)

The language is automatically determined based on your settings in "Options" -> "Gameplay".
Please contact me if you want to help translate this mod, add missing translations or correct translation mistakes. E-Mail: (#=@)

Should work with:

Incompatible with:
  • Traffic++ V2 (game will crash when saving)
  • Enhanced Garbage Truck AI (all versions)
  • Enhanced Hearse AI (all versions)
  • No Despawn Mod
  • ... probably others

  • Version 1.9 (2017) will include improvements of the timed traffic lights manager

In case problems arise / you need help
If you see an error message or something is going wrong, please e-mail me your "output_log.txt" (Windows), "Player.log" (Linux, Mac) and "TMPE.log" files immediately after you encountered the bug. You can find the log files in your ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data\ (Windows) or ~/.config/unity3d/Colossal Order/Cities: Skylines/Player.log (Linux) or Users/<username>/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log (Mac OS) folder. Please describe the problem, attach the files and send everything to:, with #=@. Please tell me what you did when the error occurred so that I can reproduce the situation. Some screenshots or a savegame could be helpful, too. Visit this page to find out where your savegames and screenshots are located:

If you want to support me
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button missing
< >
Toothless FLY [ROK] Mar 25 @ 5:11am 
Finally i done translate yout TMPE Guide to korean XD

I thnik korean gamers more easy use TMPE mod! =)
SleweD Mar 23 @ 7:47am 
Hello, I'm having the same problem as ctcatuga in that no cars are performing u-turns. I've got u-turns set as on globally for the city and I changed the value to UturnLaneDistance to 2. It's very obvious when cars want to park somewhere and they only park on one side of the road because they can't u-turn.
ad.vissers Mar 22 @ 2:22pm 
Ran for a bit with TMPE disable, that doesn't seem to make a difference.
ad.vissers Mar 22 @ 12:37pm 
Actually I seem to have the same problem as Maverick, but I'm not sure it is really a problem. I have a zero influx in City Statistics over all the time my city has been running, but I do have 50k population and those must have come from somewhere. I do seem to have some difficulty attracting new citizens though.

I'll try running without TMPE for a bit on a parallel save.
LinuxFan  [author] Mar 22 @ 9:34am 
@Maverick Which other mods are you using? I do not experience this issue on my side.
enzzo_e Mar 22 @ 8:11am 
for Free?
bluejacketcop Mar 22 @ 7:02am 
Was cool... until I turned in on. I run a modest machine- but as soon as I do anything with it.. the whole game slows to a crawl... and none of the settings I enable seem to work. :/
hadece Mar 22 @ 5:12am 
Eine Frage: Wäre es theoretisch möglich, auf Straßen nur Motorräder/Mopeds zu erlauben? oder kann C:S diese nicht von Autos unterscheiden?
MaverickOrig Mar 21 @ 7:21pm 
Otherwise, I lovet his mod
MaverickOrig Mar 21 @ 7:20pm 
Bug: Disables Influx
I have confirmed that with this mod running my city's influx is always Zero. Only growth is from birth rate - death rate