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Meat Structures!
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Dec 19, 2015 @ 4:25pm
Dec 24, 2015 @ 12:15pm
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Meat Structures!

Featured by Anthomnia -

Is your overpowered carnivore creating a problematic meat backlog? Did you tranq the rival tribe, bring them back to your base and are now unsure what to do with the bodies? Did you WAY over-gather when prepping for that new baby raptor?

An answer to your problems is here at long last: MEAT STRUCTURES! An entirely new base structure set that uses MEAT as the primary ingredient, along with hide and fiber.

13 new structures:
- Meat Foundation
- Meat Wall
- Meat Door Frame
- Meat Door
- Meat Window Frame
- Meat Window
- Meat Ceiling
- Meat Hatch Frame
- Meat Hatch (That's what it's called! Wipe that smirk off your face!)
- Meat Sloped Wall Left
- Meat Sloped Wall Right
- Meat Sloped Ceiling
- Meat Pillar

Featuring disgusting new sound effects, particle effects and descructible meshes, just like the base game structure tiers. No dino gates, behemoth gates, railings or furniture yet, but I am considering adding those after putting some minor finishing touches on this first batch. Meat structures are damaged by stone-tier weapons, but have 10k health each.

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Ainsley Auditore May 20 @ 8:52am 
Give your meat a gud ol' rub!
8tailkitsune May 10 @ 1:47am 
cant wait for meat furniture and meat saddles, meat tools and weapons!!!!
Extinction1337 May 5 @ 4:18pm 
reminds me of titans flesh
liebscher74 May 1 @ 3:20am 
mod ip
Renegade Apr 29 @ 12:17pm would love to see this mod as a clean mod so we can add it as an additional engram to learn on our servers. This shit is hilarious.
gemgagar Apr 26 @ 1:25am 
Dude this mod is awesome! But our vanilla grapling hook isnt showing up since we installed the mod. plz fix it, i want to use this godlike mod!
thescaryone Mar 31 @ 2:48pm 
I really like this mod, but unfortunately it has some conflict with one of my other 25 mods. I was thinking it would be the perfect temporary taming pen, since it's so easy to get meat hide and fiber. Would it be possible to make a version where the walls "bleed" away HP until they are destroyed? If it's possible to change the color change on damage you could even make them look like they're rotting with a green tinge.
Christian Mars Feb 27 @ 12:09am 
holy crap, I do not ask if there will be a cooked meat mod
Elika303 Feb 14 @ 1:36pm 
are you going to add meat curtains for the meat windows?
isabellaregaldo Jan 14 @ 11:57am 
Kill the non-believers...Turn their flesh into houses...