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Remove Need For Pipes
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Dec 16, 2015 @ 2:24pm
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Remove Need For Pipes

This mod removes the need to place pipes all over your city.

If you also don't want to waste time building power lines you can use my Remove Need For Power Lines mod.

How it works
This mod works simply by storing the water, sewage and heating produced in small, separate (of course), buffers and then distributing it to buildings that consume each of those resources.

You need to connect at least one pipe per water processing facility (as shown in the third picture above) or else the facility won't work. This is working as intended since fixing it would require this mod to overwrite one more function and it is not worth the possible incompatibilities with other mods.

To report any bug please post a comment with a link to the output_log.txt
Any comments saying the mod does not work with no link to the log file will be deleted.

Source code
You can download it here:

This mod is based on, and could not exist without, the implementation by DontCryJustDie (from Improved Public Transport) of the Sebastian Schöner's CitiesSkylinesDetour[] mod
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Jun 12 @ 11:31pm
Not enough heating notifications
[GOF] Overhatted Leet
< >
[GOF] Overhatted Leet  [author] Jul 9 @ 8:01am 
@alf810 That is probably because you are not supplying enough heating. Please read the "Not enough heating notifications" for more information.
alf810 Jul 8 @ 7:08pm 
Tons of heating icons are appearing over buildings in non-snow maps :-( , even when I throw down a heating plant, I still get icons on every building suggesting I heat them rather than using electricity.
Katalonian Jun 29 @ 8:57am 
Doesn't work for me. Although have used it not starting new game.
Felicia The Goat Jun 12 @ 2:45pm 
I dont know, I do not have the Mass Transit DLC, but this mod does not work anymore since the "patch"
[GOF] Overhatted Leet  [author] Jun 3 @ 3:52am 
@Prof. Pamone Please see the discussion I created to discuss that issue.
Prof. Pamone May 19 @ 4:59pm 
Works with Mass Transit; however unless the policy electricity only is applied there is a city wide need for heating.
Andy!!! May 18 @ 5:52pm 
Does this mod work with the 1.7 update? Thanks in advance
-DI- rmjohnson144 May 7 @ 3:36pm 
I am having issues with need water heating when I'm not using a snow map. I see lots of complaints, but not sure if there was a solution.

Hopefully you find a solution. If you need anything like log files or other things. Let me know where to upload them for you.
pgpkenny Apr 25 @ 1:19am 
I tried this yesterday... GREAT! Saves all that wasted time doing waterpiping. Then I tried your no powerlines mod as well... GREAT AS WELL! Hopefully this also frees up memory and nodes for more assets, instead of wasting it on pipes and powerlines!
By the way I also have snowfall. Yes you do get a "buildings need heat" flag in the game, but just build one of those snowfall water-pipeheating thingys and connect it in the same way. I mean just add one single pipe for water, or powerline for power. GREAT MOD!
Ranazomic Apr 23 @ 10:14pm 
for some reason it dosnt work if you have Snowfall. Then its just made so all building think they need heat