Emily is Away

Emily is Away

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100% Achievements: Emily Is Away
By Geo and 1 collaborators
A guide on how to get all the achievements in Emily Is Away!
Automatic Story Achievements
Complete each chapter
Hidden Usernames and First Names
To get the following achievements even more quickly:
  1. Input the Screenname: Password123 with any first name.
  2. Load the first chapter and you will get the achievement after her comment.
  3. Go back to the main menu and load the first chapter.
  4. Rinse and repeat until you've selected all achievement icons.

Note:The usernames in this guide are the usernames I used to obtain the achievement. I AM aware of the other usernames that can be used to unlock them.

Screenname: Deadworld
First Name: Elegy

Screenname: Halflife
First Name: Gordon

Screenname: Parable
First Name: Stanley

Screenname: Triforce
First Name: Zelda

Screenname: Fallout
First Name: Solesurvivor

Screenname: Undertale
First Name: Flowey

Screenname: Muchusername
First Name: Doge

Screenname: Twitch
First Name: Kappa

Screenname: Isaac
First Name: Isaac

Screenname: Dota2
First Name: Icefrog

Screenname: Sigurross
First Name: Sigur

Screenname: Nyancat
First Name: Nyan

Screenname: Portal
First Name: Chell

Screenname: Clippy
First Name: Clippy

Screenname: Johncena
First Name: John

Time to 100%: ~30 minutes.
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This guide is useful. Without this I only can get the.... (music)

JOOODHN CEEEENAAAA naa na na naaa...
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fallout is wastelander if anyone is curious
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Amazing Lad thank you
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Thanks for the guide I really appriciate it, the game has an interesting concept but I could have never had the time or the patience to get them on my own so this helps alot.
Jonno83900 Jan 23 @ 11:21pm 

The dev deserves an award - as well as a account ban from LORD GABEN!!!