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Dark Wood (Extended) Part 1/5
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Dec 14, 2015 @ 11:16am
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Dark Wood (Extended) Part 1/5

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Dark Wood (Extended)
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Version 1.5 released. This is a huge update. The campaign has been extended with new areas and details, improved lighting and effects, massive easter eggs and secret weapons. Overall, it's Bigger, Better and Brighter.

PLEASE NOTE: Campaign is now split into 5 parts (instead of 4). You should subscribe to the new 5th part to make this update work.

You should subscribe to all of the parts to be able to play the campaign:
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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Dark Wood is a L4D2 campaign composed of 5 full-length maps. It was designed with the inspiration of horror movies and games such as F.E.A.R, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and more.
It's recommended to enable the Game Instructor in your first playthrough. Also, bear in mind this campaign is not an easy walk. The chapters are very long and sometimes pretty dark.

The survivors find themselves trapped on a small stretch of road at the middle of the night. Fleeing from the infected, they have no choice but to plunge into the darkness of the adjacent forest. They will have a long and dangerous journey through the dark woods, creepy caves, abandoned industrial zones, secret laboratory (which must be destroyed), "Silent Hill" style deep underground prison, ancient catacombs, and finally face their last battle in the church on a flooded cemetery.

- Five large levels in highly varied environments
- Custom textures, models and sounds
- Unique events
- Easter eggs
- Secret weapons
- Co-Op and Survival modes
- L4D1 survivor set

Known issues:
- "Crawler" mod (mudmen replacer) is conflicting with this campaign and may cause a crash in the 3rd chapter when you enter the Jimmy Gibbs room. Disabling that mod fixes the crash.
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Mar 2 @ 10:11am
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Feb 2 @ 8:09pm
Which game was the Lab section from?
Ben B
Jan 6 @ 4:19am
A little "review" of this beautiful campaign
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◙7hW◙ Mar 11 @ 12:17pm 
Optisch Spitzenmässig. Insbesondere Nacht / Draussen Maps sind ne Augenweide. Spielt sich ausserdem saugut.
Sir Castic! Mar 4 @ 3:12pm 
Have played plenty of custom campaigns, and it doesn't take long to clearly see how much time and effort has been put into this. This is easily one of THE best custom campaigns available for Left4Dead 2. Took a leisurely stroll through it totalling 1 hour and 50 minutes of my time, and honestly it was worth it. The level design was amazing. The themes were consistent. The resource management was amazing. But lastly the atmosphere it creates is on par with the best. 10/10 would play again.
Bozzy Mar 4 @ 3:08pm 
This campaign was extremely impressive, fair hordes, supplies placement, length everything was just right, interesting at all points, very impressive texture work no artificial game lengtheners like empty rooms strung together etc. lots of familiar feeling areas but unique enough to feel fresh, need a lot of time to play it but 100% worth it. 10/10 campaign, nothing is perfect but this is the cloest custom campaign to it i have seen. please make more.
Joker Mar 3 @ 10:18pm 
The following chapters are very dark and depressed, feeling a bit like a style of Revelations 2? Anyway, this is awesome map!
Illusion Mar 1 @ 12:13pm 
Had i not been killed an easter egg (super mario easter egg, i went into the water, decided to not to do the easter egg, then drowned whilst searching for a way out) i would've given Dark Wood a fantastic review. It really has remarkable design and sure is a brilliantly fun playthrough.
nice map, perfeckt job!
Phaeton  [author] Feb 28 @ 7:16am 
Says who? A player with 25 hrs on record on a 10 years old game? One of those sorts who asks "how do I use flashlight" and call an "8" shaped level a maze (lol)? Who whine about gigantic witches, constant tanks, unfair SI spawn rates and other bullshit likely because they were playing on a modified server without even knowing those exist? I've seen a lot of such players throughout the years, but they are rare guests here, because they fail in the process of installing an add-on. How did you get here, kid?

This campaign has been tested for years, and being played on realism expert regularly, has a ton of positive feedbacks and is appreciated by most experienced players. You suck at games, you don't like it? It's okay, you can tell the world about it. But don't teach me how to build maps, because no one is interested in a random casual's opinion. It's just irrelevant.
shlam Feb 28 @ 4:20am 
It's okay to admit you've built a dud of an L4D map too. Nothing about the maps was any more scary than the vanilla game. Thematically and aesthetically I must admit they were very cool. But gameplay is the #1 factor and the gameplay is terribly optimised. The mazes and unfair spawns can be forgiven, but forcing players to literally melee fight with multiple tanks is just stupid and ruins what could otherwise be enjoyable content.
Phaeton  [author] Feb 28 @ 2:27am 
It's okay to be a chicken.
shlam Feb 28 @ 2:00am 
Okay so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and went back to play the 2nd and 3rd maps. The second one is a labyrinth in darkness which goes for about 3x too long for an individual map. The third is also a labyrinth, but I quit as soon as they sprung not only one but TWO tanks on you, again in a very narrow and eclosed space. Won't be going back to try the final 2. Unsubscribed for good.