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Dec 12, 2015 @ 5:55pm
Mar 13, 2016 @ 3:49am
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Admin Menu

You need Admin System for this to work.
This adds a simple menu to Rayman1103's Admin System addon.
It will work online if you're hosting a local server.
Press "i" to open the admin menu.
bind i "show_menu Menu"

Some Features:
Manage Admins, Kick Players, Ban Players, God Mode, Spawn Zombies, Infinite Ammo, Change Map, Fly, Respawn, Revive, Defib, Incap, Teleport, Give & spawn weapons / melee / items, Play Jukebox music, Wallhack, Barricade Builder / Object spawner

ps. i'm not good english. sorry. :D
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BLack Nigga | Gamdom.com
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Jun 8 @ 2:23pm
Please ryman someone help me!!!!
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RENDA =DDDD 13 hours ago 
ith the Admin System, you are given Admin control. You can spawn Infected, give Survivors weapons/items, kill/revive Survivors, change Convars, change the timescale, and much, much more!

All of this is done server-side via chat triggers. If you don't have a server, all you need to do is host a Local Server and you should automatically be added as an Admin. If you want to give other players Admin control, you can type "!add_admin nick" if they're playing as Nick, or "!add_admin <playername>" to add their Steam ID to the admins.txt file.

If you have a server, you'll need to manually upload an admins.txt file to your left4dead2/ems/admin system folder. If one doesn't exist, create one.

Click here for a complete list of available commands.

Check out Admin System Radial Controller created by jyrka98, for use with the Admin
잿빛인생 Nov 13 @ 4:35am 
이거 어떻게써요
[RN SCP] bearishplane17 Nov 10 @ 3:13pm 
whys the white car an error?
(ಥ益ಥ;) Nov 5 @ 3:58am 
Quick question - I accidentally unbound "0" so I can't exit the menu without waiting for it to close itself - anyone got any idea what the bind command is to the close the menu? I can bind it back in through the console. Thanks in advance.
WeChat Nov 1 @ 12:49pm 
lol no Rayman is a contributor
slipperysnake09 Oct 29 @ 8:30am 
wat do i wrrite to pop it up
KennyS Oct 22 @ 7:07am 
i banned a player can i unban him to?
I see this was stolen and uploaded with out the owners permission. Reported for copyright infringement.
xxxPePSpRaYxxx Oct 20 @ 10:07pm 
You guys need to fix the command script..