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Artorias the Abysswalker - Armor - Weapon - NPC
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Dec 9, 2015 @ 12:14pm
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Artorias the Abysswalker - Armor - Weapon - NPC

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- Armor of Artorias the abysswalker
- Boots of Artorias the abysswalker
- Helmet of Artorias the abysswalker
- Gloves of Artorias the abysswalker
- Sword of Artorias the abysswalker 1h

- Artorias the abysswalker NPC
- The Abyss Location

- go to the location and kill Artorias the Abysswalker
- Male and female mesh the same
- Artorias was hard in dark souls. So you guessed right. he is hard again.
- Bring lots of potions.
- praise the sun !
Lore :
Sir Knight Artorias was one of the four Knights of Gwyn, the commanding knights of Lord Gwyn's army. Artorias had an unbendable will of steel, which both helped, and fed, his hatred for servants of the Dark, particularly the Darkwraiths of Kaathe.
Lord Gwyn bequeathed him with a custom-made ring, the Wolf Ring, to assist in his already unmatched ability to wield a greatsword.
When in New Londo, Artorias discovered the ability of abysswalking, earning him his title, Artorias the Abysswalker, and allowed him to enter The Abyss, the home of the Darkwraiths and the Four Kings themselves. At some unspecified time in the past, when Oolacile was attacked by the Abyss, Artorias traveled to Oolacile to rescue Princess Dusk of Oolacile.
Artorias, deeply marked by the Abyss, and feeling his end was near, gave his shield which served as a magic aura, to protect his loyal battle-companion, a young Sif, from the Abyss. Later, he had become fully corrupted by the abyss. Some time after, an unknown hero (the player), who traveled to the past, killed Artorias, releasing him from his wretched state. This also preserved his honour, because none would ever known what really happened to Artorias; he was instead believed to have died while facing the Abyss, instead of being corrupted to fulfil the Abyss's goals and killed by an Undead. The hero continued on to kill the dark creatures of the Abyss, and saved Sif, who was being held captive. To thank the hero, Sif awarded them the Cleansing Greatshield.

Thx to:
- Bethesda
- From Software
- Skyrim
- Steam
- Dark souls
- Nifskope
- Xinavro. Model conversion. Rigging
- Photoshop
- Yoichi83 for textures

Planned: (Not sure)
- adding artorias bossfight music
- adding a 2h sword of artorias

sry for the bad english.
Re-release of old mod. new textures + better models.
Thx again to Xinarvo and Yoichi83 !!!!!! this is armor from dark souls. no nexus release

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Khoira Jul 10 @ 6:12pm 
λNiko²λ Jul 6 @ 5:26pm 
Just one question... didn't artorias have a shield? and.. another question... are you gonna make the shield? just wondering. cause if I aint mistakin' artorias had a shield... I think..... so this was just a quick question that anyone can awnser, cause personally, I dont care if anyone responds, im mostly just curious.
Fucking Kill Me Jun 30 @ 7:59am 
I had a moment when Havel, ornstein and Artorias were all fighting, quite a beautiful sight
ARX-7-Arbalest Jun 27 @ 7:29am 
btw why is he attacking the wall behind him all the time
ARX-7-Arbalest Jun 27 @ 7:21am 
Nice armor but hes too easy i killed him with lv15 (after fight 20) on Expert, i mean it only took like 1000 arrows ...
Drizzt Do'Urden Jun 9 @ 8:09am 
The armor is a little too bright, but other than that it's cool.
Xhul'horac Jun 4 @ 3:07am 
What is the effect on the sword? I was able to check the effects on gear through Active Effects list, but the sword's not there.
Nextal May 30 @ 5:51am 
can u make the sword of atorias 2H?
oh and nice mod :)
Maka-61 May 18 @ 10:31am 
wtf? praisin the sun in skyrim to?`hell yeah. im like this mod. thumps up dude and thx.....
Mekssou May 13 @ 9:07pm 
sick work <3